After I had cleaned my house and tidied up…
My brother phoned me and said: I am coming to visit, and my wife is with me.
I entered my kitchen to prepare for them whatever I could, But I could not find anything available to serve them.
I went looking for something to serve, but I did not find anything except few oranges.
Therefore, I made two cups of cold juice immediately.
When my brother and his wife entered I was shocked to see her mother who came to visit us for the first time.
So I served the two cups of juice to his wife and her mother, and a cup of plain water I placed in front of my brother, and said to him: I know that you like 7up, he drank a sip and realised that it was water.
And suddenly her mother said :I’m feeling for 7up , please give it to me!
Here I was baffled and caught with embarrassment.
My brother saved me by saying to her: I will bring you a clean glass from the kitchen.
And after a while we heard the sound of a glass breaking, so he came back and told his mother-in-law: sorry, it fell from my hands and the glass broke, …
but no problem I will go to the shop to get another one.
His mother-in-law refused and said: there is no need for that,it was not meant for me.
When they were going out my brother bid me farewell and placed into my hand an amount of money and said: don’t forget to clean the kitchen of the 7up, so that ants do not come.
And he bid me farewell with a smile and love.
And in this way my brother concealed my suffering and shortcoming,and he considered my feelings.
Extend to all too.
When you’re in position, use it to lift others.
Running anyone down will never make you better!
This is a very touching story. Let me throw it to you, how do you treat your siblings, friends, family, etc? Do you cover them or mess them up?
A food for thought…….

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