Mubarak Mbaka’s brother; they enjoy lying against the Almighty God.

Hear him!!!

“I Took Part in 2012 Demonstration Against Fuel Price Hikes Because God asked Me To Do So” -PASTOR TUNDE BAKARE WARNS

Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Citadel Church on Thursday 1st October warned Nigerians to stop dragging him into national conversation, saying they should stop counting on him to always speak for the masses.

The Lagos-based preacher said he took part in a 2012 demonstration against fuel price hikes because he was asked to do so by God.

“I did not campaign against subsidy,” Mr. Bakare said at a virtual conference organised by Poju Oyemade to commemorate Nigeria’s Independence Day. “I campaigned against oppression of the masses.”

Mr. Bakare said he had concluded the assignment that God sent him in 2012, and other Nigerians should feel free to stage their own protest rather than asking him to always be a voice against societal ills.

“Is it written anywhere that when there are issues in Nigeria Bakare must protest?

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