My Sister’s Husband
Episode 1
Aunty!! am tired of this city, ever since I came have not seen any job yet and you keep on assuring me that I will see one but still no job have come, I think I will go back to the village because I can’t continue staying in this city without a job. “Nancy said to her elder sister whom she was staying with
“Calm down Nancy, don’t be in the rush job will come at the right time. do you think going back to the village is the best option? don’t worry my husband said that he will look for a job for you, I have also tell some of my friends to look for a job for you, just have patient within some time you will get one okay? Cynthia her sister assured her
“that Is what you have been telling me for the past three months I came to your house, even your husband also said the same thing but up till now he haven’t find one for me, even the companies that I have submitted my CV up till now they have not call me, is like job is very scarce in this city. Ah… if this continue like this I will have no other choice but to go back to the village to stay with mama and papa rather than to be in this boring city, I don’t even see anything so special in this city. “Nancy queried
ok you don’t see anything special in the city and yet you came .”Cynthia said
were you not the one that told me to come that there is many jobs opportunity and money in the city. “Nancy said following her statement
Are you not the one who have been disturbing me that you want to come to the city that there is no good job in the village and now you are putting the blame on me, even me and my husband told you to further your education that we will sponsor you but you refused saying that you want to work, I have told you to have patient and besides there is enough food in the house, you never lack anything so why the rush for a job? Cynthia asked
“I want to stand for myself, I don’t want to depend on anyone. “Nancy exclaimed
Hmm… if you say so, but all I will say is that you should have patient Job will come at the right time. anyway off to my business place take care of the house. “Cynthia said and after that she left to her business place because she was into cosmetic.
One week later, Nancy was cleaning the sitting room when her sister’s husband came and hold her waist from behind, immediately Nancy saw this she pushed his hands off her waist.
“what is it again? I have told you to stop bothering me that am not interested .”Nancy angrily said
why are you talking like this, Its because of you, I had to stay at home today so as to express my love for you and you are pushing me away, Nancy I love you so much and am ready to take care of you, just say yes to me and I will give you the world .”bright said in a low tone
but you are my sister’s husband, I can’t date you what will people say if they hear that am dating you, not only that do you know how my sister will feel, she will feel that I betray her trust by taking her husband from her which is not good, please I don’t want to do anything that will hurt my sister, like I said before am not interested in any relationship with you please leave me alone. “Nancy exclaimed
To be continued……..
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