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People of God Almighty please continue to be praying more and more.

This woman bought the watermelon from the Hausa-Fulanis yesterday 07/07/2020 Tuesday: when she get to her house she said it’s late hours: let them leave it till tomorrow- which today 08/07/2020 Wednesday:

So after their morning prayers; within few minutes the “watermelon” bursting/blowed on it’s own accord…. showing that the “FULANIS” are on it again for killings.

*Please be watchful by prayer and suplications.

*Fulanis are poisoning every thing they sale to our people. They want to totally annihilate us and they are doing everything within their reach to accomplish their goals. A stitch in time saves nine. To be forewarned is to be forewarned. Don’t take this as a joke. ,

*Many has gone to the grave beyond buying and eating Fulani poisonous products ignorantly. You are blessed to have these information available to you others were not so opportuned so make good use of it.
All Hail Biafra.


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