My Sister’s Husband
Episode 2
Nancy baby listen to me, ever since you came to this house have always love you, please try to reason with me or do you think that all that money I normally give you is just for play? no is because of the love I have towards you that am giving you the money, Nancy please say yes to me so that I can take care of you. just look at how tattered and unkept you are, and this your one particular weavon you normally put that always make you look like an old woman, am I even talking of the weavon, just look at the faded cloth you are putting on, even at that you are not even rubbing a good cream, do you like how you are suffering? why not say yes to me and I will brush you up. “bright said
I don’t need your help, at least my sister is giving me anything I asked for and she is also buying clothes for me. “Nancy said and hissed
which cloth? is it all that rags she bought for you that you are calling clothes? bright followed her statement
“leave me alone, am not interested, is it by force to date you? don’t touch me again ooo. “Nancy yelled and then continue what she was doing
my dear don’t miss this opportunity, anyway I will still give you more time to think about it .”bright said and after that he left the sitting room.
Later that same day in the evening
Nancy why not learn how to sew, I mean like fashion and designing? Cynthia said immediately she came back from her shop in the evening, although Nancy did not mention anything to her concerning her husband
Aunty!! I have told you that I need a job, and not to learn sewing. “Nancy responded
“you need to learn fashion and designing that one is good rather than this job of a thing, I have even meet with the woman that you will learn from her and we have bargain the amount I will pay her for you to learn how to sew. “Cynthia said
hmm… aunty you like disturbing yourself over an issue that we have concluded before, I told you that I need a job and here you are talking about sewing, anyway I will think about it .”Nancy said
better do, Because I told the woman that I will bring you in two days time, is for your own good that am doing all this thing. “Cynthia said and ended the topic
Two days later, Nancy agree to learn tailoring, so Cynthia wanted to take her to the place before bright stopped them.
Honey! is like the both of you are going out because I know that Nancy don’t normally go to shop with you. “bright asked
you are right dear, I want to take her to where she will learn how to sew, so that she can keep herself busy rather than staying at home everyday waiting for job come. “Cynthia replied
alright that is very thoughtful of you, but as you can see it want to rain, why not take her there tomorrow . “bright suggested
Aunty take me to the place, I don’t think that it will rain .”Nancy said frowning because she already know what bright is up to
you are telling her to take you to the place, can’t you see that it want to rain? bright said and Nancy eyed him in a way her sister did not notice
honey I think you are right that it want to rain, in that case I have to stay back also maybe tomorrow I will take her to that place, after that I will from there and go to my shop. “Cynthia said
honey!! you want to use because of this weather not to go to shop today? I thought we have one umbrella here, why not take it and go to your shop. “bright said to his wife and immediately Nancy followed his statement
no brother, I think we have more than one umbrella. “Nancy said and eyed him
yes is true, we have up to three umbrella, Nancy go and bring two so that we can use it, there is no need to stay at home .”Cynthia said and Nancy went and bring the umbrella, after that she and her sister left the house.
To be continued……..
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