Scam alert


For those who are posting free internet data, free this and free that.

Let me teach you some basic ICT. Any Link that start with *”http* ” is most likely a phishing link.

Phishing is usually intended to get your Personal details including your date of Birth, Bank Account Number etc.


This is how Scammers and Hackers steal your identity and use them to Scam.


👉Avoid random links.
👉Avoid all these null Data links,
👉MTN, Airtel, etc are not sharing data.
👉The Government is not sharing Money via WhatsApp
👉Your Bank is not sharing Money

If Coronavirus has not seen you , Don’t allow scammers to scam you.


Be Smart and Ignore those links for your Own Good.

Stop forwarding as received without proper Verification.

There is no free Money,
There is no free Credit There is no free Data anywhere in Africa via Links

😷Stay Safe and be Smart 😷.

By Obaino style blog

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