There are a few reasons children rub their genitals. Some Reasons are normal while some should draw your attention as a parent. Let me tell you the reasons according to their ages:

A child within this age bracket masturbates unconsciously by either pulling, rubbing or porking his/her genital either due to skin irritation or infection. Babies within these ages are prone to infection especially when caregiver is careless and has a very poor hygiene culture.

A child within this age bracket masturbates not only because of skin irritation and infection alone but basically due to morning wood and the urge to explore one’s body. Every male child experiences the early morning erection, called “Nocturnal Penile Tumescence”, which occurs as a result of blood flow to penis’ nerves and tissues. Female child experiences it when blood flows to clitoris. This situation can make you see your child’s hands between his/her legs either rubbing or pulling his/her genital while in bed or out of bed. All adults experience morning wood every early morning, if you don’t, go see your doctor.

Apart from skin irritation, infection, morning wood, a child within this age bracket has started struggling with early signs of puberty especially from 8years, and as such, feels better fastening his/her sleep by gently rubbing his/her genital. If you’ve been observant, you’ll notice this. Whenever a child within this age bracket touches his/her genital, it is either he/she is sleepy, confused and under stress. Many a time, the child does it unconsciously when watching TV or when he/she is alone. But this child can’t because of masturbation lock up him/herself in the bedroom, toilet or bathroom or withdraw from other children who are playing with him/her. So, it is not much a problem.

Any child that masturbates within this age bracket, must have either been molested by a house-help who takes advantage of him/her during bathing, creaming and clothing or must have been molested by an older person from outside who is either a private lesson teacher, extended uncle, corrupt peers and older adults. Most of these older adults allow them to see pornography and porn magazines to entice them to accept being touched sexually. This child can’t masturbate in the public but in private. The child knows it is not acceptable in the public so he/she locks him/herself up in the bathroom, bedroom and toilet to masturbate. The essence is for sexual fantasies. This is why parents should worry when their kids within this age bracket often stay longer in the bathroom, bedroom and toilet alone. If a parent is not observant at this stage, then such parent may lose the battle of good parenting.

A child can drop masturbation especially if the reasons for masturbating are just natural such as skin irritation, infection, stress, sleep and morning wood. But a child becomes addicted to masturbation if the drive is from external influences like being molested by an older house-help, being coached by a bad lesson teacher, being enticed by a corrupt peer or uncle coupled with careless parents who are busy running after money and leaving their parenting responsibilities in the hands of neighbors, house-helps and classroom teachers. A child that masturbates at this age bracket can do that six times in every passing day. As he/she does this, he/she withdraws from friends so as to have more time to masturbate. The child may even trace his/her genital through the pocket and masturbates in classroom without anyone seeing him/her, the child may miss classes while masturbating in school abandoned building, school toilet and even school garden and behind school flowers. The child gradually begins to lose concentration by masturbating more than ten times a day. The child may wish someone else to masturbate him/her and may even help masturbate other people. This is the level where many kids are and parents are now looking for support groups and professionals.

1. You can’t stop a child from touching his/her genital from the age of 1month to 4years, since touching of genital within this age bracket may be an unconscious act. The child will stop naturally with little restrictions from you.
2. Be observant to know when masturbating becomes intentional.
3. Talk to the child to stop touching his/her genital in public and he/she should tell you whenever he/she feels anything around genital region.
4. Talk to the child not to allow anyone touch his/her genital. And he/she should tell you if anyone touches it.
5. Build your child confidence around you so that he/she remains open and sincere to you.
6. Spend enough time with your kids, you’ll serve them from a lot of bad influences.
7. Talk to them dangers of masturbation.
8. Discuss sex with them as soon as they are 7years.
9. Warn them from touching people’s genitals.
10. Warn them against people who show them dirty pictures and movies etc.

I think we have learnt something new that may help us in this parenting responsibility. God bless you.

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