My Sister’s Husband
Episode 5
I know you earn money through your fashion designer, but this car look very expensive for you to afford. “Cynthia said not satisfied with her answer
well the truth of the matter is that my boyfriend bought it for me. “Nancy said
now you are talking, I thought as much so which of your boyfriend that bought the car for you? Cynthia asked again
is b -man, the guy I told you about two months ago .”Nancy replied
oh oh…. you mean the guy you told me that have been disturbing you? she asked trying to be sure
yes aunty he is the one. “Nancy replied smiling
wow!! you finally agreed to him, OMG! this car is very beautiful, he really tried in buying this expensive car for you, I can’t wait to see him. “Cynthia said looking at the car
“don’t worry aunty you will see him soon, anyway he also rented an apartment for me too, I will be moving out from here in two days time to my new house. “Nancy exclaimed
so soon? why not bring the guy for me to see and know more about him. “Cynthia said
Aunty!! like I said before, you will see him soon, but for now am very tired and need som…… as Nancy was still talking her phone began to rang, but she refused to pick her call .
why are you not picking your call? Cynthia asked
Aunty! the call is not important, let me go inside and rest .”Nancy said and after that she went inside, while Cynthia went to the kitchen to continue what she was doing.
When Nancy got to her room, her phone began to ring again, so she picked the call but before she picked the call she make sure that her sister wasn’t around the place to hear her conversation.
hello!! why are you not picking my calls? bright angrily asked over the phone
do you expect me to pick the call in your wife’s present? don’t you know that I was with your wife when you were calling. “Nancy said in a low tone
you should have called me that you are already at home, but I hope you did not tell her that am the one that bought the car for you? bright asked over the phone
why will I tell her that, am I a baby? I only told her is my boyfriend that bought the car for me. “Nancy replied
That’s is good, you know that we will keep this our relationship secret so that she will not find out, anyway am on my way coming home. “bright said
alright, your wife is waiting for you to come back fast. “she said smiling
forget about that woman, is you that I love most. “bright said to her over the phone and Nancy smiled
ok, I love yo….. Nancy have not finish her statement when the door of her room opened and it was Cynthia
“complete the statement, tell him that you love him too. “Cynthia said immediately she came inside the room and that moment Nancy’s heart skipped
Aunty!! have you been eavadropping on my conversation? Nancy asked in a shaking voice
yes I heard your conversation but not all, you think I don’t know that you are talking to your boyfriend on the phone, anyway since he is still on the line let me greet him, in-law am greeting ooo. “Cynthia said but Immediately bright heard his wife voice over the phone, he dropped the call .
Aunty he can’t hear you because he Is no more on the line. “Nancy said in an uneasy tone
oh I thought he was still on the line, well I came to tell you that food is ready, but wait ooo, are you okay? Cynthia asked when she noticed the uneasiness in Nancy
how aunty? Nancy manage to asked
you don’t look comfortable, is it because I heard you talking to your boyfriend that is making you uncomfortable? my dear I don’t see anything wrong in you talking to your boyfriend on phone, after all you are no more a baby, I don’t know why you are hiding to introduce your boyfriend to me, anyway like I said before food is ready. “Cynthia said and after that she left the room
“Ah… thank God that was so close. “Nancy said immediately her sister had left.
To be continued……..
What’s your take on this, is Nancy doing the right thing??? Is Cynthia playing her role well as an elder sister???

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