My Sister’s Husband
Episode 6
As time goes on, Nancy moved out from her sister’s house to her own house, and she started living there, bright spend more time with her, mostly weekends that was why he rented the apartment for her so they could be together more often.
Cynthia on the other hand began to bother because her husband don’t normally spend the weekend at home anymore.
“Honey!! what will I prepare for you as dinner? Cynthia asked her husband who was preparing for work one Friday morning
you don’t have to prepare anything for me because I will not be coming back tonight .”bright replied
oh.. I forgot that today is Friday, that you don’t normally spend your weekend at home anymore, I shouldn’t have bother asking you of what I will prepare for you. “she said in a sad countenance
my love!! not that I don’t like spending my weekends with you, just that my job have changed now, I do work on weekends, it wasn’t as before again try to understand .”bright said holding her hands
you don’t work on Saturdays and Sundays before, how come the job changed now? you will leave the house on Friday morning and comes back Monday night something you are not doing before now you are doing it all in the name of job leaving your wife all alone at home through out the weekend, is not fair ooo….”Cynthia queried
don’t worry with time I will start spending the weekend with you as before, but that will be after I fix things with them in the company, anyway am running late see you on Monday, I love you. “bright said and kissed her after that he left for work.
“I just hope is telling me truth of him spending his weekend at work. “Cynthia said to herself after bright had left.
On Monday when bright had closed from work, he went to Nancy’s house because he have been spending his weekend with her so he decided to go to her house that Monday evening so that he could spend some hours with her before going home. After they both finished having sex, he put on his cloth to go home.
“please stay with me tonight, maybe tomorrow you can go home. “Nancy said to him
“you know have been here since on Friday night just to be with you, and today is Monday I need to go home, but don’t worry very soon I will start living here with you so that we can have time for ourselves fully okay .”bright assured her
okay, so when are we getting married? remember you told me that I am the love of your life and you will like to get married to me. “Nancy said
I know I will get married to you, but we have to slow down so that Cynthia will not suspect that we are having a relationship, maybe with time I will made it clear to her that am no more interested in that marriage so that we can divorce. “bright said and Nancy smiled
now you are talking, I can’t wait to be your wife so that I can have you all to myself .”Nancy said and kissed him
I can’t also wait to make you my wife, anyway let me rush home is getting late before your sister will start calling me on the phone. “bright said
so when are you coming again? she asked
“I will come on Friday night as usual when I close from work, and go back on Monday night .”bright said and then pecked her before he left.
Meanwhile Cynthia was at home waiting for her husband to come because is almost getting late and she is expecting him to come back home, after some hours bright finally came back.
honey! am sorry that I came back late, the traffic was too much. “bright said to his wife immediately he got home
I don’t really understand you anymore, you left here since on Friday leaving me all alone in this big house all in the name of your job, now look at the time you are coming back 11pm, which I know that you close from work around 6pm, honestly speaking honey you have really changed, you are not the caring and loving husband I used to know, is it because I have not bear you any children yet that you changed? Cynthia asked sadly
To be continued……..
hmm… bright take am easy ooo 🙆🙆

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