*One FOOLISH HUSBAND slapped his wife and his friend heard about it. The friend came to his house and almost beat him for beating his wife. The friend was shouting at top of his voice, “are you crazy? Why are you beating your wife like a primitive man? You don’t know what to do when your wife offends you? I am totally disappointed in you”*

All this while, the wife was happy enjoying the scene. Then the husband asked his friend, *what do you want me to do to this woman and her troubles?*

His friend responded, *”MARRY ANOTHER WIFE”*. That was when the wife responded for the first time and shouted: *”honey don’t listen to him. Anytime I do anything wrong just beat me, don’t mind your wicked friend”*
😁😁😁😁 😜🀣🀣🀣
*Case Closed*

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