My Sister’s Husband
Episode 9
Don’t think negative, they will come maybe traffic is delaying
them. “Nancy said while calming her down, not too long Janet
father came inside.
what is happening? why haven’t your husband to be and his
people come yet? Janet’s father asked
papa! I don’t really know what is delaying them, I have even try
calling Victor’s number but he wasn’t picking his call. “Janet
replied in a worried tone
continue trying his number because people are waiting for
them, everything is set remaining for them to come, even our
kinsmen are also waiting for them .”Janet father said
don’t worry sir they will come, let’s just give them some time.
“Nancy said
look at the time is almost 2:30 and yet they haven’t come, I
just hope that they come because if the marriage did not hold
it will be a very big shame to my family. “Janet father said
don’t worry sir they will come. ” Nancy assured him
I just hope so..”Janet father angrily said and then went outside
what will I do if Victor and his people fail to come? I know
that my enemies will laugh at me, I can’t bear this shame if
this happens. “Janet said almost in tears
you don’t have to cry, I believe that is the traffic delaying
them, why not call him again to know if he will pick his call.
“Nancy said and then Janet called Victor again but he wasn’t
picking his call, after some moment she called his number
again and this time he finally pick it.
“Hello! Victor what is delaying you and your people from
coming, we have been waiting for you, please hurry up and
come with your people time is going. “Janet said Immediately
Victor picked the call
sorry Janet I have changed my mind about you, I have come
to think of it that you are not a wife material, getting married
to you will send me to my early grave, I need a woman who is
mature in thinking and also I want a woman who will love me
for who I am and not what iam, Janet I really love you, just
that I have to do what is best for me. “Victor explained over
the phone
please Victor, don’t do this to me, I promise I will change from
my ways .”Janet said in tears
am sorry is too late for that, you remember when I was
begging you to change, all you do is to insult me by calling me
a hungry and a wretched man and you also told me that you
are managing me, I want a woman that will love and not the
one that will manage me. “Victor said and before Janet could
say anything further, the call went dead and Janet fell on the
ground crying
To be continued……..
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