*A young man* who has a lot of money met *an old man* and told him, ”you know I’m richer than you”. And the old man replied, *”that’s not true.”*

The young man said, *”okay let’s go to my house let me show you.”*

So they went to the young man’s house in one of his luxurious cars and got there within *5 minutes.* What greeted them was all kinds of choice cars – *Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Bugatti, etc.*

Then the old man said, *”now let’s go to my house”.* So they went into the old man’s car, and the journey lasted about *40 minutes.* They were delayed on the way by *all calibers of rich people wanting to greet and pay homage to the old man. Some were in Bugatti, Rolls Royce,* *Aston Martin, etc., thanking the old man for helping them get rich.*

Then an often-ignored truth dawned on the young man: *The wealth of a man is in the quality of the people in his life, not the material things he has.*

*The old man has the people who own the choicest cars in his life, and if the young man’s cars are gone, then his riches are gone. But there’s no particular material thing you will take from the old man to make him poor. In other words: He doesn’t need to keep those cars, those cars are in the lives of those in the man’s life.*

🔋 *This is the power of being there for people.*

The reason people will fear to hurt you is when they know the power of those who will come against them if they touch you.

*This is the power of being there for people!*

You never lose helping other people achieve their dream, *the reward is always higher than the help.*

*Here’s a truth you should never forget ⬇️*

👉Achievement is what you can do by yourself

👉Success is what people can do when you’re still with them.

👉Legacy is what people can do when you are no longer with them.

*✅At the back of your mind, LEGACY should be what drives your actions*

*Focus on building people: Every business, workplace, company is an incubation place to raise people*

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