(Angela’s ordeal)

Episode One
By: Alfred Wysdom (Mr. Suspense)
The more men I sleep with, the more wealth my husband acquired.
My name is Angela, I married my husband at the age of twenty. Few months into our marriage, I took in and had a set of twins after nine months , a boy and a girl.
Two years after our marriage, my husband called me one night after dinner and told me he had something to tell me. I gave him all the attention needed, because I saw seriousness in him.
Me: “I hope all is well honey?”. I asked anxiously.
Husband: “Everything is fine baby”. He replied and brought out two different bunch of keys and placed them on the table before me as I looked in confusion.
Me: “What are the keys for”. A surprised me asked.
Husband: “They are for you my love”. He answered smiling and took the first bunch. “This is for a duplex in Victoria Island, I bought it in your name”. He said as I kept mute in shock looking at him, then he picked the second bunch. “Right in the compound you’ll find a Toyota Prado Jeep, also bought in your name”. He said still smiling.
We lived in a duplex and had fleet of cars, the reason I was surprised at his gifts. He expected I jumped in excitement and give him a hug, but he was shocked at my coldness after he presented the keys to me.
Husband: “You ought to be excited, why is your mood like this? “. He asked in astonishment.
Me: You’re right baby, I ought to be excited, but I’m not. We live in a duplex and drive fleet of different cars, why spending millions to buy a house in my name? “.
Husband: “Women…” he said laughing. “I bought you this gift to celebrate the arrival of our twins and also plead with you for something”.
Me: “Plead with me for something?’. I asked.
Husband: “Yes, something very important to me and something that will sustain my wealth”. He replied in a low voice.
Me: “What could that be, I hope it is something I can do?”.
Husband: “It could sound stupid and may appear difficult for you, but with understanding, you can do it”. He answered.
Me: “What is it, just say it to me?”. I told him, then he moved closer, placing his right hand across my neck.
“Husband:”Sleep with my friends, or any other man, it will multiply my wealth”. He said smiling, as I got up and landed him a dirty slap and walked away.
Episode Two Next….
Should I continue?

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