My sister’s husband
Episode 17
Thank you very much madam, for allowing me to rest in your shop, I think I will be on my way. “Ken said
ok dear, thanks for keeping me company. “Cynthia said and after that Ken left, immediately he left Cynthia went inside her shop and cried herself out.
“so my sister Nancy could do this to me after all I have done for her, even bright have the guts to cheat on me with my ungrateful sister, and she is even pregnant for him, so he is the b -man Nancy have been talking about without me knowing that is my husband she have been referring to, Nancy you are very wicked and my God will judge you, but don’t worry I will pay you and b -man a surprise visit. “Cynthia said and cried because she was too heart broken, she never believe that her sister and husband could back stab her.
Two days later, Nancy and bright were together in the room having sex as usual.
“Baby you are too sweet, I can’t wait to marry you soon. “bright said sweating after they finish having sex
“and you are also sweet, that was why I can’t love another man apart from you. “Nancy also said and kissed him
don’t worry very soon I will divorce my wife so that you will be the only woman in my life. “bright said while romancing her
And I can’t wait for that day for you to divorce my sister because I don’t want to share you with anybody .”Nancy said
“so what do you want our baby to be? because I want a male child. “bright teased her
me I also want a male child that will make you happy. “Nancy said smiling
well anyway is okay, whether a boy or girl all of them are still childre…… “as bright was still talking, a knock came on the door.
“Are you expecting anyone? bright asked
not at all, maybe is one of our neighbor, you know all this people like begging, if they did not beg for salt they will beg for oil or they will beg to snap us, well let me go to the door to know what they want this time. so she went to know who was at the door, on getting there she opened the door but was shocked on who she saw, right in front of her was her sister Cynthia
Aunty! what are you doi…… doing here ? Nancy asked surprisedly with a shaking voice
Are you surprise to see me in your house? so you are pregnant and you never bother to tell me so that I can congratulate you, so who is the lucky man who got you pregnant? Cynthia asked pretending not to know but inside her she feel like to strangle her
erm….erm… is b -man .”Nancy manage to say with a shaking voice
Meanwhile bright was still inside the room waiting for Nancy because she have been taking long to come.
what is still keeping Nancy? she have spend more than thirty minutes to know who is at the door, anyway let me go there to know what is delaying her. “so bright stood up to know what is still keeping Nancy because she have stayed too long, on getting there he was very shocked to see his wife.
To be continued……
🤔🤔🤔🙄 It’s time for some mix feelings.

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