*A young man* who has a lot of money met *an old man* and told him, ”you know I’m richer than you”. And the old man replied, *”that’s not true.”*

The young man said, *”okay let’s go to my house let me show you.”*

So they went to the young man’s house in one of his luxurious cars and got there within *5 minutes.* What greeted them was all kinds of choice cars – *Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Bugatti, etc.*

Then the old man said, *”now let’s go to my house”.* So they went into the old man’s car, and the journey lasted about *40 minutes.* They were delayed on the way by *all calibers of rich people wanting to greet and pay homage to the old man. Some were in Bugatti, Rolls Royce,* *Aston Martin, etc., thanking the old man for helping them get rich.*

Then an often-ignored truth dawned on the young man: *The wealth of a man is in the quality of the people in his life, not the material things he has.*

*The old man has the people who own the choicest cars in his life, and if the young man’s cars are gone, then his riches are gone. But there’s no particular material thing you will take from the old man to make him poor. In other words: He doesn’t need to keep those cars, those cars are in the lives of those in the man’s life.*

🔋 *This is the power of being there for people.*

The reason people will fear to hurt you is when they know the power of those who will come against them if they touch you.

*This is the power of being there for people!*

You never lose helping other people achieve their dream, *the reward is always higher than the help.*

*Here’s a truth you should never forget ⬇️*

👉Achievement is what you can do by yourself

👉Success is what people can do when you’re still with them.

👉Legacy is what people can do when you are no longer with them.

*✅At the back of your mind, LEGACY should be what drives your actions*

*Focus on building people: Every business, workplace, company is an incubation place to raise people*


Words of wisdom


A dog has taught me an important lesson in this encounter.

I was in a car commuting from home to my place of work. The car was speeding at about 80kms per hour.

Suddenly, I saw a dog with a bone running so fast trying to overtake the car so that it could cross the road.

I was frightened that the car would overrun the dog. I was praying that the dog would increase it’s speed and cross the road safely. The car was fast approaching the dog.

Then, I realised the dog suddenly increased it’s speed and was able to cross the road successfully.

Pheew, I sighed, thanking God it wasn’t hit by the car.

But, there is something I noticed that fell off before the dog suddenly increased it’s speed.

I asked the driver, could you please reverse? I need to see what fell off.

When I saw what fell off, one of the greatest lessons sunk into my thick skull.

The dog let go of the BONE.

It was that SIMPLE, it reached a point where the dog had to let go of the bone in order to gain speed and save it’s life.

Men, the dog is SMART… I thought.

What’s the LESSON?

Let go of the bone.

There are bones we have held on to in 2020.

If we succeed to let go of the 2020 ‘BONES’, then we will do wonders in 2021 and years beyond.

There are so many types of bones which for sure have held us back.

Let’s make the painful decision of letting go of the bone of disappointment of 2020.

– Failure to seek new thoughts or new ways of doing things is a BONE

– Doing things in the same unsuccessful manner, year in year out is a BONE

– Thinking that money alone is the source of your happiness; that’s the HARDEST BONE

– Going to work late and acting irresponsibly is a BONE

– Not worshiping God, be it in a MOSQUE or CHURCH; that’s a tricky bone, even the hyena cannot handle.

– Watching our friends fail; yet we could have helped them succeed is a BONE

– BONE of anger and resentment, that is the heaviest of all and have greater consequences if we don’t let go.

These are only few examples, but the list is endless.

Let’s drop the BONE, so that we have a prosperous 2021 and years ahead.

Please tell all your friends and your loved ones to drop the BONE.

Bones drag us behind from reaching our God destined potential.

Drop your unbelief, it is a BONE.

Murmuring and complaining is a BONE

I will start it tomorrow or next week but will never take a step for one day is a BONE.
Procrastination is a bigger BONE.

Maybe you are disappointed by friends or a family member please drop the pain off you, it is a BONE.
*Please look unto God Almighty the author and finisher of our faith.*

*Enjoy the flight of 2021. Congratulations.*



BREAKING NEWS Big news of the world,
Italy did postmortem of dead corona patient, big revelation happened
Italy has become the first country in the world to perform an autopsy (postmortem) on a dead body from a Covid-19 and, after a comprehensive investigation, has discovered that the Covid-19 does not exist as a virus, but a very large one. Is a global scam. People are actually dying due to “Amplified Global 5G Electromagnetic Radiation (Poison)”.

Doctors in Italy have violated World Health Organization (WHO) law, which does not authorize autopsies (postmortem) on the bodies of people who have died from the corona virus in order to find out after some kind of scientific discovery. It cannot be assumed that it is not a virus, but a bacterium that causes death, which causes blood clots to form in the veins, i.e. blood clots in the veins and nerves due to this bacterium and this is the patient Causes the death of.
Italy has beaten the virus, stating that “there is nothing but phelia-intravascular coagulation (thrombosis) and the way to deal with it is to cure it.”
Antibiotics tablets
Anti-inflammatory and
Taking Anticoagulants (Aspirin) cures it.
And indicating that a cure for the disease is possible, this sensational news for the world has been prepared by Italian doctors by autopsy (postmortem) of corpses from the Covid-19 virus. According to some other Italian scientists, ventilators and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) were never needed. Protocols for this have now been issued in Italy.
CHINA already knew about it but never made its report public.
Please share this information with all your family, neighbors, acquaintances, friends, colleagues so that they can get out of the fear of Covid-19 and understand that this is not a virus at all but just a bacterium that is exposed to 5G radiation. The cause is harming people who have very low immunity. This radiation also causes inflammation and hypoxia. Those who fall prey to this should take Asprin-100mg and Apronix or Paracetamol 650mg. Why… ??? क .Because it has been shown that covid-19 causes blood to clot which causes thrombosis to the person and due to which blood clots in the veins and due to this the brain, heart and lungs cannot get oxygen due to which the person Breathing becomes difficult and a person dies quickly due to shortness of breath.
Doctors in Italy disobeyed WHO’s protocol and performed autopsies on corpses that had died of covid-19. Doctors opened the arms, legs and other parts of the body and after examining and examining them properly, they noticed that the blood vessels were dilated and the veins were full of thrombi, which usually stopped the blood from flowing. And also reduces the flow of oxygen into the body which causes the patient to die. After learning of this research, the Italian Ministry of Health immediately changed the treatment protocol of Covid-19 and gave aspirin to its positive patients. 100mg and started giving Empromax. As a result, the patients started recovering and their health started showing improvement. The Italian Ministry of Health discharged more than 14,000 patients in a single day and sent them home.
Source: Italian Ministry of Health



My sister’s husband
Episode 10
what did Victor said? Nancy asked
he said that am not a wife material, he cannot marry me, I should have listened to him then when he was telling me to change from my attitude, now people will start laughing at me and also my parents will not be happy with me from the embarrassment I brought to the family, where will I start from telling my parents that Victor and his people are no more coming? why did you the day of my happiness turn into disappointment, why? why?? Janet cried
please take it easy on yourself, but why will Victor behave like this? Nancy said while Janet was still crying and regretting her bad attitude towards Victor.
After that day, Janet parents were not happy with her because the marriage did not hold again, they were very disappointed in her but as time goes on they get used to it.
Meanwhile bright was in his room when his phone began to rang, and it was Nancy calling, at that time his wife was in the sitting room cleaning the floor. As bright phone was ringing he came out from his room to check if his wife was around his room but she wasn’t, so he went inside and pick his call
“hello my love, how are you doing? Nancy asked
Am not fine, why are you not picking my calls? I called you up to three times last night but you weren’t picking my call. “bright said in a low tone so that his wife will not hear him
am sorry my love, I slept off last night it was this morning that I saw your missed call and decided to call, please don’t be angry with your love. “Nancy romantically apologize
is alright, you know how much that I love you and am missing you so much, when are you coming back? bright asked
Aww… I really miss you too baby, but don’t worry I will come back in three days time, my friend’s marriage did not hold again and I can’t just leave her like that for the condition she is going through .” Nancy said over the phone
OMG!! you mean that Janet marriage did not hold again? he asked surprisedly
“yes, the marriage did not hold, her fiance turned her down. “Nancy replied
hmm…. this is so bad, she must be very hurt and heartbroken, anyway please try and come back in the next three days as you said because am really missing you. “as bright was still talking on the phone, Cynthia was coming towards the room, when she heard him said missing you, she stopped at the door to eavedrop on what her husband was saying, but at that time bright have ended the call
So my husband is cheating on me, I heard him said missing you which means he was speaking with a woman over the phone, I need to confront him. “Cynthia thought to herself and after that she opened the door and went inside the room, when bright saw her he was shocked because he thought that she must have heard his conversation on the phone.
To be continued………
Should Cynthia confront bright or wait for more proof???



My Sister’s Husband
Episode 9
Don’t think negative, they will come maybe traffic is delaying
them. “Nancy said while calming her down, not too long Janet
father came inside.
what is happening? why haven’t your husband to be and his
people come yet? Janet’s father asked
papa! I don’t really know what is delaying them, I have even try
calling Victor’s number but he wasn’t picking his call. “Janet
replied in a worried tone
continue trying his number because people are waiting for
them, everything is set remaining for them to come, even our
kinsmen are also waiting for them .”Janet father said
don’t worry sir they will come, let’s just give them some time.
“Nancy said
look at the time is almost 2:30 and yet they haven’t come, I
just hope that they come because if the marriage did not hold
it will be a very big shame to my family. “Janet father said
don’t worry sir they will come. ” Nancy assured him
I just hope so..”Janet father angrily said and then went outside
what will I do if Victor and his people fail to come? I know
that my enemies will laugh at me, I can’t bear this shame if
this happens. “Janet said almost in tears
you don’t have to cry, I believe that is the traffic delaying
them, why not call him again to know if he will pick his call.
“Nancy said and then Janet called Victor again but he wasn’t
picking his call, after some moment she called his number
again and this time he finally pick it.
“Hello! Victor what is delaying you and your people from
coming, we have been waiting for you, please hurry up and
come with your people time is going. “Janet said Immediately
Victor picked the call
sorry Janet I have changed my mind about you, I have come
to think of it that you are not a wife material, getting married
to you will send me to my early grave, I need a woman who is
mature in thinking and also I want a woman who will love me
for who I am and not what iam, Janet I really love you, just
that I have to do what is best for me. “Victor explained over
the phone
please Victor, don’t do this to me, I promise I will change from
my ways .”Janet said in tears
am sorry is too late for that, you remember when I was
begging you to change, all you do is to insult me by calling me
a hungry and a wretched man and you also told me that you
are managing me, I want a woman that will love and not the
one that will manage me. “Victor said and before Janet could
say anything further, the call went dead and Janet fell on the
ground crying
To be continued……..
chai!! who follow me feel for Jane




1. Put your kids in
schools you can afford
because expensive
schools don’t
guarantee good
results. Just ensure
they attend a good
affordable school

2. Rent apartments you
can pay for
conveniently. Don’t live
in a house you struggle
to pay yearly. If your 1 or 2
month salary or biz profit
can’t pay for your
accommodation, that
accommodation is not for
your level.

3. A man whose wife is
pregnant has good 9
months to prepare,
same as the pregnant
woman in question.
They should even plan
for the worse and only
seek help when they
can’t meet up.

4. Some problems in our
lives don’t just pop up,
if you don’t own a
home, we knew we
would pay rents…So its
not an emergency.

5. Let’s plan our lives and
live within our means.
Save more and spend
less and Invest wisely.
Never invest in something
that will make you rich
overnight. No seed grows
to a tree overnight and
provide fruits, not even
tomatoes 🍅.

6. Some women buy food
for their children every
morning before going
to school or even for
the whole family, do
you know it’s cheaper
to cook at home?

7. Some people don’t
earn much, but have
DSTV at home, go for
GOTV and upgrade
when your income
upgrades. It’s still the
same CNN anyway!
Besides, most people pay
for cable subscription they
don’t have light or time to

8. Eat healthy meals and
protect your family
from mosquitoes to
avoid going to the
hospital always. Sleep
under mosquito treated
net, saves you cost of
treatment on malaria.

9. Take advantage of
food and fruits in
season, its cheaper
and you can be
creative to create
amazing meals. Every fruit
in each season is meant to
help your body fight
sickness or health
challenges in that season.

10.Don’t copy your
neighbor’s lifestyle,
she earns well and her
husband is a ‘big

11. Don’t follow trends,
wear clean well-
ironed clothes and
keep your hair neat.
You would still look

12. Keep your circle small, keep only friends that have senses!

13. Above all things, have the fear of God, have integrity, don’t be lazy and be prayerful.

14. Planning is the key, if you fail to plan, you plan to FAIL.

15. Don’t do more than your budget, there is no award given to best family that wore an expensive cloth for
the year🤷🏻‍♂.

16.Don’t be in competition with
anyone…The purpose of shoes and clothes are to cover our nakedness, make us smart and

17. Don’t make your marriage ceremony too expensive, there is life after marriage and your well wishers will only say goodbye and the reality of life will then done on you. Be wise.




Warm water is 100% effective in resolving some health problems such as:-
1 Migraine
2 High blood pressure
3 Low blood pressure
4 Pain of joints
5 Sudden increase and decrease in heartbeats
6 Epilepsy
7 Increasing level of cholesterol
8 Cough
9 Bodily discomfort
10 Gout pain
11 Asthma
12 Whooping cough
13 Blockage of veins
14 Disease related to Uterus & Urine
15 Stomach problems
16 Poor appetite
17 Also all diseases related to the eyes, ear, nose & throat.
18 Headache
19 Diabetes
Get up early in the morning and drink approximately 2 glasses of warm water when the stomach is empty. You may not be able to make 2 glasses at the beginning but slowly you will.
*DO NOT* eat anything 45mins after taking the water.
The warm water therapy will resolve the health problems within reasonable period such as:-
Diabetes in 30 days
Blood pressure in 30 days
Stomach problems in 10 days
All types of Cancer in 9 months
Blockage of veins in 6 months
Poor appetite in 10 days
Uterus and related diseases in 10 days
Nose, Ear, and Throat problems in 10 days
Women problems in 15 days
Heart diseases in 30 days
Headache/migraine in 3 days
Cholesterol in 4 months
Epilepsy and paralysis continuously in 9 months
Asthma in 4 months
If cold water does not affect you at young age, it will harm you at old age.
* Cold water closes 4 veins of the heart and causes heart attack. Cold drinks are main reason for heart attack.
* It also creates problems in the liver. It makes fat stick in the liver. Most people waiting for liver transplant are victims of cold water drinking.
* Cold water affects internal walls of the stomach. It affects the large intestine and results in Cancer.
Tell someone to tell someone, *IT MAY SAVE SOMEONE’S LIFE*

Help someone today by sharing it with your loved ones and friends, may God help us all.



The Osun state police command has arrested two ritualists, from the arrest, some female body parts were found with them. The Osun state police spokesman said: at about 9:30pm.. a distress call was made by A hotel management where they had lodged. The management said a girl screamed twice and after that, no noise was heard again from the room. According to them the scream was like a girl calling for help.

According to the management when the guys were about going, they were asked to be escorted back to the room to see if everything was fine and why the girl they came with wasn’t leaving with them.
The ritualist said everything was fine and the girl was resting in the room, that she was going to be out.But the hotel management insisted, even though they tried to escape , the hotel management were smart enough to had locked the premises and pinned them down. That was when they were able to gain access in the room and saw a pool of blood with some body parts removed from the lifeless female body which they tried escaping with in a bag, the spokesman said.

That was when the distress call was made and the police force took emergency response, and they were arrested.

During some further investigation by the police, it was found that the names of the apprehended criminals are Ayodeji Saheed and Tunde Obadimeji who both confessed saying its not the first time they are committing such and that they have killed more than 70 girls. They specialized in getting female parts and one Abefe Sadiq pays them for each parts. #600:000:00 Six hundred thousand naira. for one girl killed for him ?

They were asked further how they get these girls???
“getting the girls was so easy” “we lure them with money and fancy things”
They went further saying that “girls of this days are easily lured with those things” All they need to do is to get or rent a fancy car with cash they would spend on the girls, and that is all this girls fall. Then they are being taken to a hotel room where they are told that they would be having fun overnight but instead they are being slaughtered.

Meanwhile, the commissioner of police said that efforts are being made to arrest Abefe Sadiq, the one who contracted them to commit the heinous crime.

The CP also went further saying that information should be passed round to all female friends, sisters and colleagues that they should all be careful not to fall for guys like this, there are some out there who are meant to destroy lives he said.

He also sent a note of warning to all of these criminals out there to repent or the law will surely grab hold of them.

Please share to save the life of your sisters, daughters, cousins, nieces and even your friends.




please, don’t ever eat any of these again.
(1). Beans and unripe Plantain
(2). Bread and tea
(3). Egusi with fried fish and chicken
(4). Dry fish pepper soup
(5). Garri with groundnut, milk and cold water
(6). Yam porridge with cray fish and meat
(7). Fried rice and chicken
(8). Moi moi and pap
(9). Bitter leaves soup with native chicken
(10). Suya and salad
(11) Afam soup
(12) Bole



Compliments of the season !!!


Words of wisdom

Winston Churchill said : “I took the taxi one day and went to the BBC office for an interview … and when I arrived I asked the driver to wait for me for forty minutes until I got back! But the driver apologized and said ‘I can’t because I have to go home to listen to Winston Churchill’s speech’ … Churchill says he was amazed and delighted with this man’s desire to listen to his conversation! So Churchill took ten pounds and gave to the taxi driver without telling the driver who he was. When the driver collected the money he said: “I’ll wait hours until you come back, sir! And let Churchill go to hell! *Principles have been modified against money* . *Nations* were *sold for money, Honor* was *sold for money.* *Brothers* were *sold for money* . *Families* were *split for the money* . *Friends* have been *separated for the money* . *People* were *killed for the money*!
Who gave so much power to money and made people their slaves?



My Sister’s Husband
Episode 8
Now you are talking, not like that before when you will be saying, no you don’t want to betray your sister’s trust that she have done so much for you that you don’t want to hurt her by dating her husband. if not for me that told you to date bright, will you be enjoying all this good things bright is giving you now? look at you now living a big life all thanks to me, anyway am really happy for you how I wish I have somebody like bright who will be giving me what I want and also shower me with goodies, not that my hungry fiance who calls himself Victor who cannot even afford a car for me. “Janet said frowning and Nancy laughed
just take it easy with him, so how is he doing now? Nancy asked
well he is fine, he said that he will be coming with his people next month to pay my bride price and still that same day we will do our traditional marriage, do I have a choice am just managing Victor because he is too low to my standard, anyway since he is coming with his people, am waiting shaaa.. “Janet said
wow!! this is a good news, so which means you will be traveling? Nancy asked smiling
yes nah… I will be traveling next month and like wise you because you will be among my ashebi. “Janet said
No problem what are friends for, but honestly am really happy for you, so finally you will be getting married to Victor next month? Nancy said excitedly
yes ooo… my dear am getting married next month, but with a hungry man .”Janet mockingly said
whether is a hungry man or not, you are getting married that is what matters most, you should be happy about it, anyway congratulation in advance .”Nancy playfully said and they both laughed
One month later, it was time for Janet to get married, they cooked all kinds of food and set canopy and chairs for people who will come for the marriage ceremony.
My daughter am very proud of you that you will be getting married today. “mama Janet said to her daughter who was busy dressing up for her marriage
Thank you mama, am very happy too that am getting married today, but I don’t know what is still keeping Victor and his people from coming, please they should come fast. “Janet said as she continue doing what she was doing
Don’t worry my child, they will soon come okay? her mother said and then went outside. After 1hr time Janet was inside with some of her ashebi, even Nancy was also there because she came for her friend’s traditional marriage.
As they were all inside Janet was very worried because Victor and his people have not come yet and this began to trouble her.
please take it easy, Victor and his people will soon come, just give them some time. “Nancy said in a concerned tone
I will not take it easy, look at the time, and still Victor and his people have not yet come, he supposed to pay my bride price around 1pm, while our traditional marriage starts around 2:30pm, now is almost 1:30 and yet he and his people have not yet come, I hope is not what am thinking. “Janet worriedly said
To be continued………
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JUST IN!! Fresh Fight In Rivers As Police Destroys IPOB Radio Transmitter, Arrests 6 Suspects

The Rivers State Police Command says it has busted and confiscated the Radio Biafra Transmitters belonging to the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and domiciled in Iriebe Housing Estate in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of the state.
The police operatives also arrested four suspected members of the proscribed group.
The four arrested suspected members of IPOB were among the six criminal suspects paraded by the police at the state command headquarters in Port Harcourt, yesterday during a press briefing.
The state Commissioner of Police, Mr Joseph Mukan, disclosed that confiscating the radio transmitters was made possible through intelligence gathering, saying that the four arrested members of IPOB were responsible for the attack on police stations during the #EndSARS protests in Oyigbo Area Command, where three police stations were burnt and looted.
He gave the names of the arrested IPOB members as Ugochukwu Abazim, Chinedu Ureagbu, Sunny Vincent and Onyekachi Sylvester, all male.
He listed exhibits recovered from them to include, one Radio transmission device (Biafra Radio), large quantities of IPOB T-shirts and face caps, a calendar bearing the photograph of Nnamdi Kanu, one television set, customized machetes bearing members’ names, substances used in the worship of their god, Ezumezu Amadioha Juju.
Mukan recalled that on assumption of duty as the 40th Commissioner of Police in April, this year, he met some challenging situations on ground, noting that with the benefit of hindsight, he re-strategised and repositioned his men, with strong charge to embark on aggressive intelligence-driven policing, with a view to gathering actionable information, which ultimately led to the dislodgement of the criminals.
“To this end, I can proudly tell you that between April and now, I have been able to arrest and prosecute a good number of suspected kidnappers, armed robbers, rescued kidnap victims and recovered large cache of arms/ammunition, among other achievements.
“As you can see, we are again in another period, characterized by upsurge in criminal activities. The command is not oblivious of the fact that this is the period where criminals take advantage to unleash havoc on unsuspecting persons. In view of the above, therefore, we have put in place elaborate and workable security measures that will contain and curtail these nefarious activities”, Mukan said.
The police helmsman used the opportunity to remind all residents of the state that the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic has commenced.
“Therefore, the Covid-19 protocols will be observed with regard to the presidential directives on gathering of persons, among others, as defaulters will be arrested and prosecuted.
“Again, for the umpteenth time, I want to re-echo our earlier stand on the use of fireworks, crackers and knockouts, which by their very nature, are explosives, capable of causing harm, panic and tension in the state.
He averred that as part of security arrangements put in place in the state, the command has deployed personnel to strategic locations in the state, in line with visibility policing strategy, adding that all critical government infrastructure, vulnerable and key points would be given special attention, including worship and fun centres during the Yuletide celebrations.
Mukan assured the good people of the state that the police were in the state to protect their lives and property, adding that “nothing more, nothing less.
“And I will do everything in my power to guarantee that their fundamental rights are protected, minimize police misuse of firearms and stop extra-judicial killings.
“The respect for human rights is sacrosanct and must be obeyed by our men.
“On behalf of the officers and men of the command, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year, as we make effective and effectual projections for 2021”, he stated.



*A Pastor Who Stole #500,000.00 Naira Bank Cheque.*

A Couple 👫 invited the Pastor of their Church ⛪ for Dinner 🍲 🍻 in their Home 🏡.

After the Pastor left, the Man 👨 said to his Wife 👩; “I think the Pastor has stolen the #500,000.00 naira open bank cheque that I kept on the table of which I had the intention to give him”.

Angrily his Wife 👩 exclaimed; “If they are not Pedophile, they are Thieves. There is no need to invite him again. We shall from henceforth be attending another Church ⛪”.

Two months later, the Woman 👩 met the Pastor in a certain street and was courageous enough to face him and said: “Good morning Pastor, you have surely realised that we no longer attend Church ⛪. This is because we’re very angry with you. The day You ate in our House 🏡 , there was a #500,000.00 naira open bank cheque on the table. It disappeared while we were eating. You were the only Person who visited our House 🏡 at that time”.

The Pastor said to her, “Yes, I took the cheque. I put it in the Bible 📙 to avoid spilling the sauce on it”.

The Woman 👩 got so confused and asked the Pastor to forgive her.

Back in her House 🏡, She took up the Bible 📙 and found the bank cheque which had been there for two months.

*Please Note 🗒*
: For Two ✌ Months, She had not opened her Bible 📖 to reflect on the Word of God,

For ✌ Months she and her Husband falsely accused the Pastor.

For Two Months, the incident had tortured them.

If you are Reading 📖 this Story now, and You are not at Peace with Yourself, for any reason whatsoever, *ask yourself whether it’s because you have not opened 📖 Your Bible 📙 for a long time.*

Do you even have one?

Secondly, *do not accuse anybody falsely.*

*God Bless You.*



*Peter Crouch:* “Liverpool have won everything over the past two years, and I would expect them to retain the Premier League, too, given the form they have hit. But don’t kid yourself that a competition isn’t going on between Salah and Mane.

“Every forward player is selfish, and these two will want to score as many goals as they possibly can — Salah, in particular, looks obsessed with his numbers right now.

*Crouch:* Salah came here as a winger, but he has developed into one of Europe’s most prolific forwards; a goal machine. He was in the right place for his first at Crystal Palace and his second, to complete the 7-0 rout was absolutely beautiful

*Crouch:* “Mane’s face, having been substituted, was a picture. He was furious and rightly so because when you smell blood as a striker, the last thing you want is to be taken off.

“Is he and Salah the best of friends? I doubt it. But it doesn’t matter. I had strike partners who I knew never liked me. It never prevented me (from) getting on with my job.

When Jurgen Klopp gave Liverpool’s fans an early Christmas present 12 months ago, extending his contract until June 2024, he said something about how the nature of his job would begin to change.

“We will see what we can achieve together in that time, but there will probably be a moment where we have to change things,” he said. “We are ready to win whatever we can, but (also) to make sure — because there is always a time after me, after another manager — that the club is in the best possible position to carry on in the best possible way.”

Better that, he said, than “another manager coming and having to do this kind of not-really-thankful job and, like, rebuild or whatever”. It might look like the most enviable of jobs right now, in charge of a group of players he has described as “mentality monsters”. But rebuilding that squad over the coming years, deciding when and how to replace players who have been so integral to Liverpool’s resurgence, is indeed a tall order — particularly when you consider how hard Klopp and his players found it to say goodbye to Dejan Lovren and Adam Lallana, who were peripheral, albeit highly popular, squad members over their final two seasons at Anfield.

The difficulty of the rebuilding question has crystallised with the case of Georginio Wijnaldum. The midfielder is about to enter the final six months of his contract, which means that, unless a new deal is agreed before January 1, he is only nine days from being able to sign a pre-contract agreement to join Barcelona, Inter Milan or another overseas club on a free transfer at the end of the season.

Wijnaldum, not unreasonably, is looking for a salary in keeping with his status as one of the Premier League’s most influential midfielders, a considerable improvement on the deal he signed upon joining Liverpool from relegated Newcastle United in the summer of 2016. He wants a contract that brings long-term security — again, not unreasonably, given that this will probably be the last deal he signs before his earning power starts to recede.

Klopp and Liverpool want to keep him, but there is unease — again, understandable — at the idea of offering a long-term contract, on increased terms, to a player who has just turned 30 and is unlikely to be quite such an integral part of their team in three or four years’ time. And for the first time in a long, long time, a Liverpool manager can tell his star players that, if they want to compete for the game’s biggest prizes, they are better off staying on Merseyside than moving to Barcelona or Milan (and if they really want to know whether the grass is greener elsewhere, they could ask Philippe Coutinho or Emre Can).

So many decisions like this lie ahead for Liverpool. It is far from an old team, but one consequence of getting their recruitment so right, investing in a core of players who have improved together under Klopp, coming to a collective peak together without the need for significant reinforcement over the past two seasons, is that this same core of key players are now in their late twenties or moving just beyond. While James Milner (34) is very much the old man of the squad, Wijnaldum and Jordan Henderson are 30, Virgil van Dijk, Joel Matip, Roberto Firmino and Xherdan Shaqiri are 29, and Alisson, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane are 28.

Handing out big, long-term contracts left, right and centre isn’t going to be an option, particularly given the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the club’s revenues. Neither, generally, is it advisable. And so Wijnaldum is, in some ways, a test case for Liverpool, one that will be watched with interest by several of his team-mates and their agents.

So many times we see big clubs misjudge these situations. In February 2018, Arsenal, amid great fanfare, handed a 29-year-old Mesut Ozil a £350,000-a-week, three-and-a-half-year deal to stop him leaving on a free transfer a few months later. They have been counting the cost almost ever since.

Ozil rarely played better for Arsenal than in the winter of 2017-18, scoring four goals and registering eight assists in 13 Premier League appearances before signing his contract. In just under three years since then, he has made just 48 Premier League appearances, scoring six goals and registering five assists. They tried and failed to offload him in each of the past four transfer windows. This season Mikel Arteta did not even register him in Arsenal’s Premier League or Europa League squad.

In September, again from a position of weakness, Arsenal re-signed a 31-year-old Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang on a three-year contract worth an initial £250,000 a week. Again what seemed like a huge statement of intent from the club has been followed by a loss of form from a player who is no longer negotiating the most significant contract of his career.

Arsenal signed Willian, 32, this summer after offering him the kind of three-year deal that Chelsea had sensibly ruled out. That one isn’t going well either. (Remember when Arsenal, in the late 2000s, used to be criticised for offering only one-year extensions to players once they reached a certain age? In the post-Wenger era, they have gone to the other extreme.)

There are always other factors, of course — in Aubameyang’s case, Arsenal just aren’t creating chances like they were towards the end of last season — but the post-contract comfort zone is a well-known phenomenon in football. With older players, it is a risk that needs to be weighed up with extreme care, albeit not as dogmatically as Arsenal did in the late 2000s. There is a balance to be found, each case on its own merits and all that.

Ozil is an extreme case, though, and Wijnaldum seems to be on the opposite end of the spectrum as a physically durable player who barely misses a game and often appears immune to the usual fluctuations of fitness, form and motivation.

In that understated way of his, Wijnaldum is performing so well right now. You will not see it in the goals or assists columns — or even in the more nuanced category of goal-creating actions per 90 minutes, where so far this season he ranks alongside goalkeepers Emiliano Martinez and Karl Darlow — but the recent wins over Wolverhampton Wanderers, Tottenham Hotspur and Crystal Palace featured superb performances from the midfielder. They showcased his consistency, his intelligence and his ability to receive and recycle the ball in the tight areas in which opponents try to force Liverpool to operate.

In a team that has lost Van Dijk to injury, causing Fabinho to drop back into defence, Wijnaldum has played a hugely important part in helping them retain that all-important drive and intensity in midfield and helping the wonderfully talented Curtis Jones, 19, make such impressive progress alongside him. Jones’s emergence could be said to have strengthened the case against a new contract for his team-mate, but the teenager does not underestimate how much Henderson, Milner and Wijnaldum have done to help him on and off the pitch.

Wijnaldum has without question been one of Liverpool’s key players this season. Not because he’s “playing out for a new contract” but simply because that’s the way he plays, a top-class player at the peak of his powers in a top-class team. The challenge for Klopp and for Michael Edwards, the sporting director, is to try to work out how long that peak will last and to establish whether common ground can be found with the player’s (and his agent’s) expectations.

That is a calculation they found themselves making in relation to Thiago Alcantara last summer. The Spain midfielder, 29, arrived from Bayern Munich in September on a four-year contract which made him one of Liverpool’s best-paid players. So far, with a positive COVID-19 test followed by a wild challenge from Richarlison in the Merseyside derby, he has played just 135 minutes for Klopp’s team. (The impression he made during those 135 minutes can be gleaned from the excitement with which Liverpool supporters have greeted his return to full training.)

Bayern were faced with a dilemma over Thiago last summer when he entered the final year of his contract. They made the tough decision to sell him while they still could. By contrast, Liverpool, amid interest from Barcelona in Wijnaldum, avoided the temptation to cash in, a calculation based on his continuing importance to the team even if it involved the risk of losing him on a free transfer next summer.

At this point in time, it seems pretty reasonable to suggest that keeping Wijnaldum was the right decision even if they end up losing him on a free transfer (in which case the mistake, arguably, was allowing that contract to run down so far in the first place). Whether they made the right decision to pay £27 million for Thiago, even with just £5 million up front, when he would have been available on a free transfer at the end of this season, can only be judged over the course of time.

What is certain, though, is that Liverpool will face a series of dilemmas like this over the next couple of years. Van Dijk, Fabinho, Henderson, Naby Keita, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Salah, Firmino and Mane are all under contract until June 2023. That is enough time to give the club some breathing space, but it will mean there are some tough decisions ahead. To have Salah, Firmino and Mane all roughly the same age, at the same stage of their contracts, is not ideal. Keeping hold of them all until they are in their early thirties, with fast-declining resale value, would seem unlikely given how proactively they have played the transfer market under Fenway Sports Group’s ownership.

Manchester City have had this with several of their key players over the past decade. Yaya Toure, such a giant of their team under Roberto Mancini and Manuel Pellegrini, ended up staying longer than he would have wished before departing on a free transfer at the age of 35. Vincent Kompany left for Anderlecht a year later at the age of 33, David Silva another year later at 34 and Sergio Aguero might do so next summer at 33. It is hard to appreciate the added value that Kompany and Silva in particular have brought to the dressing room even as their game time reduced, but keeping key players into their thirties has not necessarily helped the transition from one great team to another, as conventional thinking suggests it should.

Those situations remain a long way off for Liverpool, but in the meantime they certainly won’t want many players entering the final year of their contracts as Wijnaldum has. Whether that ultimately means losing him on a free transfer or offering a bigger, longer contract than they would otherwise have wished, it is the type of situation that clubs wish to avoid wherever possible.

The one certainty with Wijnaldum, as Klopp has said, is that his application and his consistency will not waver even if his contract runs down to the final weeks. It is one of the qualities which has made him such an integral part of their success story under Klopp — and which might just suggest he is worth making an exception for.



🚨 The proposed Europan Super League will replace UEFA Champions League. An exclusive competition with only the top clubs in the world.




–Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR) former President of Nigeria.

Another civil war in Nigeria has become imminent and inevitable. The reason for its inevitability is simply because Muhammadu Buhari, the Northern Nigeria Fulani oligarchs and the wider network of Fulani in Sub-Saharan Africa have concluded plans to adopt Nigeria as the homeland for all Fulani in Africa.

Fulani have realised that the wandering and rootless lifestyle of cattle herding is no longer tenable in the twenty-first century. Fulani need to have land to call home and rear cattle and that land should be Nigeria. The indigenous peoples of Nigeria have clearly, vehemently and stridently opposed this diabolic plan and both sides are mobilising for war.

The Fulani won’t relent and the indigenous people will not give up their land.

The same Fulani Project, having failed so shamelessly and woefully in the Central African Republic, will not be allowed to fail this time as the Nigerian Fulani project is better funded with the massive [stealing] of the sovereign wealth of Nigeria through nationwide kidnapping for ransom by lower class Fulani and the seizure of the reigns of Government and wealth by the elite Fulani.

Kidnapping and the seizure of the institutions of Government are all for the purpose of implanting Fulani into the mainstream and control of politics and the economy of Nigeria for the objective of funding the Fulani Project in Nigeria.

The Central African Republic (CAR) has gone through exact same experience that Nigeria is going through right now in the hands of the Fulani. The country has been run down by the killings and destitution wrought by rival gangs in the fight to destroy the chokehold the Fulani had on the politics and economy of their country. Although the Fulani hegemony over the CAR has been defeated, the street gangs that defeated the armed forces have turned on one another and themselves, unable to rise above petty gang warfare to rebuild their nation.

The Fulani have become a blight on Africa and it’s biggest country Nigeria. Unable to break out of its centuries old cow herding and wandering culture, it continues to pull down every nation wherever it has any populations. Some countries in West Africa, Ghana and their ancestral home Guinea, have mastered the brutal tactics of dealing with Fulani and the Fulani have learnt the bitter lesson by staying away from these countries.

In the CAR, the Fulani following the pattern of their ethnocentric politics, had seized control of the commanding heights of the country’s military and financial institutions, the foreign exchange trade, the mining and export of gold and above all the governing structures of Government. Mitchel Djotodia, a hare brained military officer and his Fulani faction seized power in a brazen coup by a demographic minority. All the non-Fulani military officers were flushed out of the forces, all the mineral deposits in the country were seized by Fulani merchants, non-Fulani traders were barred from trading in foreign exchange and the entire top echelon of the Civil Service were occupied by Fulani by as much as 83%.

France, the former colonial masters of CAR watched them do all these over the years and did not raise a protest. As in Nigeria, the Fulani were just 3% of the population of CAR, tucked in the desert recesses of the nation’s Northwest. No world or regional power raised a whimper even though the ethnic groups of the rich southern forest regions roiled.

In CAR the Fulani went even beyond the provocative as they are doing now in Nigeria.

They started seizing ethnic lands, raiding churches and killing worshippers, the most brazen being the attack on Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in a town near Bangui the capital, where dozens of Catholic faithful were massacred during mass. The Fulani used their cattle bases allotted by Government to launch attacks and gun fights on the surrounding communities for robberies and ransom paying kidnaps as is happening now in Nigeria.
Again, as is happening in Nigeria today, the purpose of all the action of the Fulani was simple; to transfer all wealth available in the CAR by all and every means and place it in the hands and control of the Fulani.


The same play book used in Central African Republic is guiding the actions and policies of the Buhari Government in Nigeria.
1). The Fulani elite are raiding the Central Bank, buying dollars and other currencies at heavily discounted rates.
2). Other Fulani are raiding the NNPC, ploughing through the vaults and trading Nigerian crude for personal gain.
3). The educated wing are mowing down governing structures, taking forceful charge and control of all commanding heights of Government and the armed forces.
4). The uneducated Fulani herdsmen are engaged in kidnapping for ransom and now primed to take over ethnic lands, spreading themselves across the nation in settlements acquired with public funds to terrorise indigenous populations.


It will be of great use to retell the story of Central African Republic so as to have the understanding of how the youth of the country removed the yoke of unremitting oppression by the Fulani. The youth formed street gangs and committed to take on the army with all their vaunted training and intimidating and deadly weaponry. The youth had locally fabricated flint guns and machetes, while the army was menacing with their machine guns, grenade throwers and rocket launchers.

When the fight started on that fateful day in 2013 in Bangui, everyone expected a complete annihilation of youth on the streets but the youth took the fight straight to the Guard Brigade near the Presidential Palace.
By evening of the same day, soldiers bodies were seen littering the streets while some were cut to pieces. By night fall, the streets of Bangui had become the play ground and the killing field of the youth of Bangui. In 3 days of street fighting, the entire Presidential Guards of the army of the CAR was decimated, in disarray running to their ethnic base in the far north and President Djotodia, the Fulani tyrant had abdicated and run away from the Presidential Palace and Capital, Bangui.

Tyrants survive for only as long as the people live in fear and choose to tolerate them. The Buhari Government is counting on deploying the Nigerian armed forces against the many ethnicities where the RUGA will be sited, beginning with the minority groups.

Buhari’s plan is to deploy Nigerian troops to subdue Nigerian people for the benefit of Fulani. Central African Republic provides a veritable lesson on how to deal with the unrelenting Fulani menace. The Niger Delta and Boko Haram if anything, have shown that the Nigeria army is not invincible in a fight with local forces. If anything, the Nigeria Army will likely disintegrate if made to fight in many fronts at once.

It is a known truth that the Fulani will not relent in their quest for the conquest of Nigeria until they have seized all sources of income and made everyone else subservient to their rule and hegemony.
The Fulani in Nigeria, in nearly a century of political and economic ascendancy have acquired so much power and money that it will defeat the purpose of such acquisition if they don’t deploy it for the very purpose for the grasp for power, which is the conquest of Nigeria for the overlordship of the Fulani.

The final stage of the grand plan to subdue Nigeria for Fulani overlordship are afoot and Buhari and his people cannot back out now. So a war has to be fought to resolve matters.
Our people say that you don’t strip a woman naked just to start looking. Nigeria has been stripped naked and with the RUGA monstrosity on the works, the next thing is to start the deployment of troops to protect RUGA in their various locations of development.

It was bound to happen that the Fulani who have been taking so much out of Nigeria and have succeeded in binding Nigeria hand and foot politically and economically, will take the wrong step into the abyss one day. The logical culmination of all the rapaciousness would be the last ditch attempt at the ultimate land grab, to seize the lands belonging to indigenous communities and hand it over to Fulani.
Internecine war in different RUGA locations and different fronts is therefore inevitable. Communities will rage to keep their land or lose it to their eternal shame and regret. Communities, particularly in Igboland will rather choose to be annihilated than lose their land to a hostile and predatory People.

Fulani have no land in Nigeria because they are not indigenous to Nigeria. They are migrants into Nigeria.

The decision by the Fulani to seize land by force in Nigeria can only lead to war in the many places where this seizure will happen. The people must resist as of necessity. They have done so in the Central Africa Republic and reduced the country to rubble and they will do it again in Nigeria.

Buhari will be compelled to deploy police and soldiers to defend the settlements and war will be declared everywhere there is a RUGA settlement in Nigeria. Fulani have no land to hold dear and protect in Nigeria. In fact, Fulani have no stake or investment in the project called Nigeria and will not care if Nigeria burns, in fact Fulani will be very willing to let Nigeria burn if the people are not willing to submit to their overlordship.

So they are minded to adopt a scorched earth policy to obliterate Nigeria. They have nothing to lose. They did it in CAR and they will do same in Nigeria. It will be the responsibility of the indigenous people of Nigeria to find common grounds to protect the land of their ancestral inheritance and prevent the Fulani from putting a knife on their unity and their need to bind themselves together in one nation, but they cannot do this without first containing the Fulani. Fulani will try to divide them.

Buhari and the Fulani oligarchs are counting strongly on deploying the armed forces to quell insurrections that will arise from this massive land grab, but that will be the Achilles heel of their grand plan. Once soldiers are armed to put down these insurrections, they will turn against their commanders to defend their communities. Nigerians should therefore await the great unravelling of their armed forces.

Do the Fulani have the firepower, the men and the capacity to fight? In the entire history of the Nigerian armed forces, the Hausa/Fulani officers and enlisted men have always been promoted far beyond their qualifications and competencies. The capacity to fight and man the different departments of modern warfare will be put to overwhelming test in any ensuing encounter.
The Fulani never fight an enemy in a frontal war. They attack isolated and undefended villages. In any direct confrontation, they run away. It was evident even in the battle of Bangui. Well armed Fulani soldiers could not take on street gangs with flint guns and machetes. It has also shown in the war against Boko Haram. The poor performance of commanders of their ethnic stock is a bad joke among soldiers in the front.
Hausa/Fulani soldier had to be sorted out and protected from slaughter by Boko Haram forces. This is not to talk of unending betrayals of their Christian colleagues and commanders in the battlefront.

Buhari, a Fulani irredentist, will use to his advantage and for the benifits of his agenda to divide, the ethnic and religious cleavages among the people of Nigeria. But the people aught to know that the Fulani are friends to no one and that a Fulani friend today can become an adversary tomorrow. You are only friend to Fulani for as long as you continue to serve a purpose in their overall plan.

Let the talk cease and the battle begin.





Donald Trump Floats Declaring Martial Law To Overturn Election Results, Reports Say.

Dec 19, 2020

President Donald Trump has not yet given up on contesting the results of the 2020 presidential election.

According to a Saturday report from Axios, administration officials are “increasingly alarmed” that the commander-in-chief might do all in his power to prevent the Biden fraud from having its way.

Former national security adviser, Michael Flynn is allegedly among the individuals who have influenced Trump. Flynn has argued that the president should declare martial law and overturn the results of the presidential race. Trump was reportedly expressed interest in this idea.

One administration official told Axios that many have become “anxious” in recent weeks, especially after seeing Trump endorse calls to jail Republican politicians who refused to participate in uncovering the electoral fraud.

The New York Times, controversial lawyer Sidney Powell, who has filed a number of evidence-free lawsuits on behalf of the Trump campaign, was in the Oval Office on Friday evening. Trump reportedly expressed interest in appointing her as special counsel for voter fraud.

“Mr. Trump has been in contact with Ms. Powell in recent days, despite the fact that the campaign last month sought to distance itself from her as she aired wild and claims about Dominion Voting Systems machines.

Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani voiced opposition to appointing Powell as special counsel, per individuals briefed on the matter. However, he has been putting pressure on the Department of Homeland security to seize the voting machines that were used in 2020 election.

As New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman noted via Twitter, Flynn also attended Friday evening’s meeting. During the meeting, Trump “asked about Flynn’s suggestion of deploying the military” but individuals close to the commander-in-chief dismissed the idea.

In an interview with Newsmax earlier that week, Flynn agued that declaring martial law would not be unprecedented. He said that Trump could deploy the U.S. military to key swing states and order a “rerun” of the 2020 presidential race.



EMINENT Nigerians, including former Chief of Staff, Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe (retd); former Governor of Plateau State, Jonah Jang; Second Republic Senator, Professor Banji Akintoye; President-General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo; former Vice-Chairman of Arik Air, Senator Anietie Okon; Commodore Idongegist Nkanga, (retd); of PANDEF, the leader of Middle Belt Forum, Dr. Bitrus Pogu; former Minister, Prof. Yusuf Turaki and 121 others, yesterday, alleged that the 1999 constitution was skewed in favour of the North.

They also petitioned the United Nations Security Council, African Union, European Union, United States and the British Government on the need to urgently convoke a Sovereign National Conference to discuss the constitutionality of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria and the 1914 Amalgamation of the Southern and Northern Nigeria within 90 days to save the people from oppression, stagnation and squalor.

The leaders said this after a meeting in Lagos.

The leaders, numbering 127, who spoke under the aegis of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination, described the 1999 constitution as a fraud; an impunity, hijack and a confiscation of the sovereignties, powers and assets of the South and Middle Belt People of the country by those who clandestinely designed it.

The statement reads: “We gather here this day as Accredited Delegates of the Constituent Component Nationalities of Nigeria, under the aegis of Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination, being a Joint-Cooperation Framework for the Self-Determination Initiatives of the Southern and Middle-Belt of Nigeria on behalf of our Various Peoples and Interests, to Pronounce an end to our toleration of Nigeria’s Unitary Constitutional Order, Unilaterally Imposed and Forcefully Maintained by a Section of the Nigerian country, in negation of the federal basis upon which Nigeria became one political union at independence in 1960, and in brutal subjugation of our collective sovereignties currently being forcefully and fraudulently appropriated by the Nigerian State.

“We gather here today before the global community, to formally proclaim a sovereignty dispute in rejection of the further operation of the imposed, unity constitutional arrangements of Nigeria and in assertion of our inalienable right to self-determination.

“The History of the Colonial beginnings of Nigeria as a Commercial Venture of some Colonial Masters is too well-known to admit of any further repetitions here but suffice it to recall:

“That the manipulations that went into the Flawed Foundations laid in the 1914 Amalgamation of the Protectorates of Southern Nigeria with the Protectorate of Northern Nigeria, created a lopsided Union, locking the Diverse Peoples of Nigeria into one Political Union with two mortally opposed civilizations.

“That as Independence approached in 1960, the Diversities of the Various Peoples of the Nigerian Union Dictated the Adoption of the Federal Constitutional Model by the then three largely Autonomous Regions, (namely Eastern, Western and Northern Regions of Nigeria) as the Basis of entering Into Independence as one Political Union in 1960.

“That amidst the early strains of Post-Independence Nigeria arising mainly from the aforementioned Foundational and Pre-Independence manipulations by the Colonial Rulers of the Nigerian Union, the Military coups of 1966 Truncated the Federal Constitutional Basis of Nigeria and plunged the fledgling Union into a catastrophic 30-Month War with it’s Breakaway Eastern Region between 1967 and 1970, triggered by disputations around the terms of the Nigerian Union and leaving in its trail, human carnage in excess of 3million people and a fractured Union now resting on an Unworkable Unitary Constitutional Order Imposed in 1979, by the Fiat of the illicit “Federal Government” which emerged since the 1966 Collapse of the Federation of Nigeria, Forcefully Hijacking and Confiscating the Sovereignties of the Constituent Component Regions of Nigeria that Federated their Sovereignties in 1960.

“That the Prevailing 1999 Constitution of Nigeria which was a wholesale adoption of the 1979 edition via Decree No.24 of 1999, revalidated and reinforced the aforementioned Hijack and confiscation of the Sovereignties, Powers and Assets of the Four Erstwhile Federating Regions by the aforementioned Illicit Federal Government of Nigeria which by Decrees, fractured the Four Regions into 36 States, that are completely emasculated by a 68-Item Federal Exclusive Legislative List that Comprehensively strip the Federating States of All Key Economic Assets and Governmental Powers, thereby creating a totally dysfunctional, corruption-prone, over-centralized system that has failed in every respect, manifesting in Gross Insecurity, Decayed Infrastructure and Mass Impoverishment such that Nigeria, with its Vast Human and Material Resource Endowments, has now emerged as the poverty capital of the world as well as the Global Leading Example of a failed state.

“There is a countrywide consensus against the Unitary Constitutional Arrangements Imposed incrementally on Nigeria by a combination of Guile, Brute Force and Impunity between 1966 and 1999 now codified by the 1999 Constitution. This countrywide consensus had manifested in Several Unilateral Regional and Joint Multi-Regional Actions in Repudiation and Rejection of the Unitary 1999 Constitution of Nigeria:

“The first indication was when in year 2000, the 12 contiguous states of the far North, Simultaneously Imposed and began to implement Sharia in their 3 Domains against the express provision of the 1999 Constitution which in Section 10, forbids the adoption of any state religion. This translates to a unilateral secession from the Secular Union of Nigeria.

“Between 2005 and 2006, a Sovereign Conference of the Ethnic Nationalities of Nigeria, Convened by the Pro-National Conference Organizations (PRONACO), Deliberated exhaustively and produced A Draft Peoples’ Constitution 2006, which had the potential of restoring Nigeria to it’s damaged Federal Foundations. Though Ignored by successive federal governments in Nigeria, that draft became the New Federating consensus against the Prevailing Unitary Constitutional Order in Nigeria.

“It is pertinent to note that across all the Regions of Nigeria, various Socio-Cultural and Ethnic-Interests Vanguard Organizations have also been vehement in expressing the Constitutional Grievances of their own People, (some even violently), thus on the Yoruba side, we have the Afenifere, the Yoruba Elders Council (YCE), Agbekoya, the Yoruba Liberation Command, (YOLICOM), YWC and many more including the ILANA OMO OODUA which now aggregates Several Yoruba Self-Determination Initiatives across the World.

“In the Eastern part of Southern Nigeria, we have Ohanaeze, Movement for the Survival of the Ijaw Ethnic Nationality in the Niger Delta (MOSIEND); Ijaw National Congress, (INC); Ijaw Youth Council (IYC); PANDEF, Midwest Movement, the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, (NDPVF), MEND, MASSOB, IPOB, others. In the Middle-Belt, we have the Middle-Belt Forum, (MBF), MBC, SOKAPU, CONAECDA and many others.

“Several notable Statesmen in Nigeria including Generals Olusegun Obasanjo and Yakubu Gowon, both (former Heads of State) have lent their voices to the urgent imperative of the Fundamental Reworking of the Damaged Constitutional Basis of Nigeria, warning that any further delay may lead to the catastrophic collapse of the Distressed Nigerian Union.

“Nigeria’s Former Defence Minister, Lt. Gen. Theophilus Danjuma, (retd) had also urged the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria facing the Ethnic Cleansing Onslaught of the Murderous invaders to defend themselves and their lands in the face of obvious collusion of the Federal Government of Nigeria and its Armed Forces with the Fulani invaders. In the aftermath of the October 2020 #EndSARS Protests many, including the Nigerian Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) now insist that Nigeria needs to be renegotiated.

“On specific constitutional grievances touching on the sovereignties of the constituent components of the federation of Nigeria, the leaders opined that:

“The claim in the Preamble to the 1999 Constitution that ‘We the People’ Firmly and Solemnly Resolved to live in One Political Union and that we Enacted and Gave Ourselves the 1999 Constitution, is self-evidently false as the Decree No 24 of 1999 by which the so-called 1999 Constitution was Promulgated, outlined step-by-step, the Process by which the author of the 1999 Constitution, the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council, came about the Document it labeled “the 1999 Constitution. This is a criminal usurpation of the sovereignties of the constituent components whose Exclusive Right it is to make for themselves the Constitution by which they will federate and be governed, as an incident of their sovereignty.

Even by the admission of the 1999 Constitution at Section 14(2)(a), “Sovereignty Belongs to the People, from whom, Government, through this Constitution Derive all its Powers and Authority.

“This is the fountain from which all other constitutional grievances flow and there is no other remedy to this particular grievance than an autochthonous process by which the constituent components will submit their peoples and their lands into a union, and also stipulate the terms of that union, to be ratified by referendums and plebiscites.”



*One FOOLISH HUSBAND slapped his wife and his friend heard about it. The friend came to his house and almost beat him for beating his wife. The friend was shouting at top of his voice, “are you crazy? Why are you beating your wife like a primitive man? You don’t know what to do when your wife offends you? I am totally disappointed in you”*

All this while, the wife was happy enjoying the scene. Then the husband asked his friend, *what do you want me to do to this woman and her troubles?*

His friend responded, *”MARRY ANOTHER WIFE”*. That was when the wife responded for the first time and shouted: *”honey don’t listen to him. Anytime I do anything wrong just beat me, don’t mind your wicked friend”*
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*Case Closed*




In the hot afternoon of 25th July, 2005 Lt. Felix Olanrewaju Odunlami, a commissioned officer of Nigerian Navy was said to be driving his fancy car from Lagos State Secretariat at Alausa in Ikeja to Apapa.

At the Allen Avenue Roundabout, the insignificant incidence that later made the news headline struck.. One Mr. Peter Edeh a motorcyclist *(Okada man)* hit the aforementioned Military officer’s car from rear with his motorcycle.

Upon realising that the owner of the car was military personnel, Edeh was said to have gone on his knee to appraise the offended Lt. Odunlami (Oga at the top) for forgiveness.

However, Odunlami who was deeply infuriated, ignored Edeh’s plea, reached for his pistol from its holster and shot the deceased in his mouth thereby resulting to his instant death. The tragedy struck!

Enraged by the *hard-hearted* action of the Naval Officer, passers-by were said to have pounced on him immediately and burnt his car. It took the quick intervention of the police to rescue him from the mob which insisted that he ought to die too. *Trust Nigerian masses for mob action and jungle justice. It is most unfortunate!*


On 27th January 2006, the said Lieutenant Odunlami, with Force Number: NN 2121 was arraigned before a General Court Martial on a 3 Count Charge, for the offences of manslaughter, loss of service item *(for not being able to convincingly account for 4 rounds of 9mm live ammunition)* and Conduct to the prejudice of service discipline contrary to *Sections 68(1)(a), 103(i) AFA 105 and 106 of the Armed Forces Act Cap A 20 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria.*

He was subsequently found guilty and convicted on counts 1 & 2; subsequently he was sentenced to life imprisonment for manslaughter and dismissed him from service on count 2.

“The confirming authority” indeed confirmed the sentence of life imprisonment and dismissal from service of the Nigerian Navy. It further stripped the appellant of his rank and directed that he was not entitled to any financial entitlements.

Being dissatisfied with the above verdict, the convicted Naval Officer appealed to the Court of Appeal of Nigeria, Lagos Division. In its judgment delivered of 31st January 2011, the Appellate court upheld the decision of the trail Court Martial and dismissed Odunlami’s appeal, a decision that led him to approach the apex court.

Meanwhile, upholding the decisions of the two lower courts, the Supreme Court of Nigeria on 7th June 2013, held in the lead judgment by His Lordship, Hon. Justice Bode Rhodes-Vivour that the appellant’s defence of provocation could not avail him in view of the glaring facts of the case.

The Supreme Court further affirmed the dismissal of the Convict/Appellant from the Nigerian Navy as earlier decided by the General Court Martial and the Lagos Division of the Court of Appeal.

The court equally held that the trial court could not exercise its discretion to give a lower sentence because under *Section 105 of the Armed Forces Act, (under which he was charged) “the trial judge has no discretion, but to sentence the appellant to life imprisonment.*


1. *Act less and/or keep mute when you’re angry, for an angry man is a mad man.*

2. *Value human life; under no circumstance can you take a (human) life that you can’t create.*

3. *Don’t be power drunk, remember all powers belong to God (the All-Knowing).*

4. *The car model and type being protected then sure is a taxi now or off the road completely. This is to say, nothing reigns or lasts too long or forever. The same fine officer if offered same car today (assuming the event didn’t happen) surely would be ungrateful for it even as a gift. How times change values. He would have become a Lt. Col.equivalent (Navy Captain) by normal promotion. He has also lost his freedom as a human being after such rigorous and risky military training.*

5. *Let’s focus on training our children who have shown tendencies of quickness to anger. Anger is not of God.*

Thank you😊


Words of wisdom

Do you notice that a *RABBIT runs, jumps, moves* *faster* and *lives* for only *15 years* , while *TORTOISE* doesn’t even attempt any of such activities, but lives for *150 years* or more.

*Life* is not about *rushing* , *comparison* and doing what others are *doing* .

*Life* is about keeping calm and doing what is right and what you are called to do.

*Rabbit* and *tortoise* may live in the same *forest* and play together, they have different life *expectancies* .
Remember that you have:

*Age Mates*
*Class Mates*
*School Mates*
*Office Mates*
*but you don’t have*

*Be who you are called to be and don’t try to be somebody else.*

Love who you are and thank God, for your special journey, which may not look like others!

This is the simplest way to succeed in life:


*_Just stay connected with your Maker in Prayer and His Word always_*
God bless your week!



My Sister’s Husband
Episode 7
No! not at all because I know that children will come at the right time, like I told you before that my job have changed, we are now working on weekends, we don’t have off days again please try to understand me. “bright said
All of a sudden your job is now working weekends, they did not work on weekends for the past four years that we got married is now they remembered to work on weekends, let it be the truth you are telling me .”Cynthia exclaimed because she wasn’t satisfied with his answer
Honey believe me that is the truth, you know I can never cheat on you. “bright said and after that they both went to their room. As time go on bright started living with Nancy, he no longer go home to be with his wife anymore, even if he want to go home to see his wife it will be once in two weeks or a month and this bothered Cynthia alot.
One afternoon, Janet went to visit Nancy, on getting there she saw bright and Nancy in a happy mood.
Hmm….. this one two of you are happy like this, am I missing something? Janet asked smiling immediately she entered the house
not really, anyway let me excuse you ladies. “bright said and then went inside the room, while Nancy and Janet sat tight into a discussion
“hmm…. big lady, you are really enjoying with your lover, look at how the both of you are happy, two love birds. “Janet playfully said and Nancy laughed
you don’t want us to be happy again, we love ourselves that is why we are happy. “Nancy said smiling
Am really happy for you my friend, the both of you fit as a couples, honestly speaking you are really lucky to have somebody like bright who love and cherish you, but wait ooo let me ask, I thought bright normally come on Fridays to stay with you and Mondays he goes back to his wife, and today is Wednesday does it mean he now come Wednesday as well? abeg gist me wetin dey happen .”Janet said
Ah…. my dear, there is a lot of gist, where will I start from telling you…….
Start from anywhere am all ears. “Janet said waiting patiently for Nancy to gist her the latest
well! the truth of the matter is that my bright is now living with me and I give him any style he wants…. as she was still talking Janet interrupted her
wait.. wait…. give me five first you too much .”Janet said and then Nancy shakes her, they both laughed and then she continue talking
eh…eh… as I was saying before, am giving him any style he wants, I really love bright so much and he loves me too, very soon he will get marry to me, as am talking to you right now am four weeks pregnant for him. “Nancy happily said
wow!! smart girl, but is he aware of the pregnancy? Janet asked
why not he is aware, that was why you saw us happy when you came, and he even told me that I will deliver my child in abroad .”Nancy said
Am happy for you Nancy, but you have to be careful so that your sister will not find out that you are having an affair with her husband or not to talk of she finding out that you are pregnant for him. “Janet warned
see Janet, am not afraid of my sister anymore, even if she finds out that am pregnant for her husband she have to accept it because am not the one that tell her to be barren and besides she can’t do anything to me, bright is now mine she can go to hell for all I care. “Nancy said
To be continued……..
Hmmmmm it’s getting serious ooo



My Sister’s Husband
Episode 6
As time goes on, Nancy moved out from her sister’s house to her own house, and she started living there, bright spend more time with her, mostly weekends that was why he rented the apartment for her so they could be together more often.
Cynthia on the other hand began to bother because her husband don’t normally spend the weekend at home anymore.
“Honey!! what will I prepare for you as dinner? Cynthia asked her husband who was preparing for work one Friday morning
you don’t have to prepare anything for me because I will not be coming back tonight .”bright replied
oh.. I forgot that today is Friday, that you don’t normally spend your weekend at home anymore, I shouldn’t have bother asking you of what I will prepare for you. “she said in a sad countenance
my love!! not that I don’t like spending my weekends with you, just that my job have changed now, I do work on weekends, it wasn’t as before again try to understand .”bright said holding her hands
you don’t work on Saturdays and Sundays before, how come the job changed now? you will leave the house on Friday morning and comes back Monday night something you are not doing before now you are doing it all in the name of job leaving your wife all alone at home through out the weekend, is not fair ooo….”Cynthia queried
don’t worry with time I will start spending the weekend with you as before, but that will be after I fix things with them in the company, anyway am running late see you on Monday, I love you. “bright said and kissed her after that he left for work.
“I just hope is telling me truth of him spending his weekend at work. “Cynthia said to herself after bright had left.
On Monday when bright had closed from work, he went to Nancy’s house because he have been spending his weekend with her so he decided to go to her house that Monday evening so that he could spend some hours with her before going home. After they both finished having sex, he put on his cloth to go home.
“please stay with me tonight, maybe tomorrow you can go home. “Nancy said to him
“you know have been here since on Friday night just to be with you, and today is Monday I need to go home, but don’t worry very soon I will start living here with you so that we can have time for ourselves fully okay .”bright assured her
okay, so when are we getting married? remember you told me that I am the love of your life and you will like to get married to me. “Nancy said
I know I will get married to you, but we have to slow down so that Cynthia will not suspect that we are having a relationship, maybe with time I will made it clear to her that am no more interested in that marriage so that we can divorce. “bright said and Nancy smiled
now you are talking, I can’t wait to be your wife so that I can have you all to myself .”Nancy said and kissed him
I can’t also wait to make you my wife, anyway let me rush home is getting late before your sister will start calling me on the phone. “bright said
so when are you coming again? she asked
“I will come on Friday night as usual when I close from work, and go back on Monday night .”bright said and then pecked her before he left.
Meanwhile Cynthia was at home waiting for her husband to come because is almost getting late and she is expecting him to come back home, after some hours bright finally came back.
honey! am sorry that I came back late, the traffic was too much. “bright said to his wife immediately he got home
I don’t really understand you anymore, you left here since on Friday leaving me all alone in this big house all in the name of your job, now look at the time you are coming back 11pm, which I know that you close from work around 6pm, honestly speaking honey you have really changed, you are not the caring and loving husband I used to know, is it because I have not bear you any children yet that you changed? Cynthia asked sadly
To be continued……..
hmm… bright take am easy ooo 🙆🙆



Mourinho tells Klopp ‘the best team lost’ in heated exchange at final whistle

Jose Mourinho has slammed Jurgen Klopp for his behaviour on the touchline during Liverpool’s dramatic win over Tottenham before telling his opposite number that the ‘best team lost’ during a heated exchange at the final whistle.

Roberto Firmino popped up with the winning goal in injury time to send all 2,000 supporters at Anfield into a frenzy, sending the Reds back to the summit of the Premier League table.

Tottenham had looked like securing a point after Son Heung-min had cancelled out Mohamed Salah’s opener.

Mourinho believed his side were the better team and claimed the final score was ‘unfair’.

He told Amazon Prime: ‘So close to winning, yeah, not so close of a draw – so close of winning, but we missed the chances, we had the chances, had the game under control, a draw would be a bad result – so you can imagine how we feel with a defeat.

‘Very good performance, of course some mistakes, some things to improve, a very unfair result. My team told me I am right when I say from the beginning of the season we go to every match to win. We played against the champions in their stadium and we had the best chances to win.

‘The team was brilliant. Today Liverpool didn’t look a team that is champion, European champion, world champion – that difference was not on the pitch.

‘We are together for not a long time. Of course the result is the most important,

Mourinho and Klopp had words on the touchline at full-time and the Portuguese later suggested he would not get away with his counterpart’s actions.

‘By the way, if I behaved the same way on the touchline like he does, I have no chance to stay there. I’m out one minute after,’ he added.

‘Come on, that’s animated? That’s animated?’

Asked if the German had overstepped the mark, he added: ‘I’m saying that for some reason, I am different. That’s the only thing I say, and that’s sad.’



There is something both the aged and the infant do not know anything about.

The church also has closed her eyes on this particular issue. Nobody wants to talk about it but it is very real.

In case you are not aware my brethren, I want to tell you that: SEXUAL IMMORALITY is the last bullet the kingdom of darkness has thrown against the church of God, and the church is wounded very sore that there seems to be no cure or remedy.

I want to make it so clear and not in jargons or vocabularies that, you cannot count the number of people who go to church and proclaim the name of God, that are still living in immorality. They may either be suffering from *lust, masturbation, pornography, adultery, incest, homosexual, lesbianism, sodomy, bestiality and many more* which time will fail me to mention.

Hardly will you come across a young lady who has not been misused by ‘so called boyfriends’. And every guy is now dating because of sex.

God is watching all those that are having sex with people they haven’t married.

It’s a headache for God seeing his own created people perishing in a sin called sexual immorality. How many young men today in the church can you count and point fingers at that fornication has not pulled down?

A pastor slept with his junior pastor’s wife, impregnated her, and used the name of God to defend himself that it was God who instructed him to do so.

Sex that is supposed to be between husband and wife only, is now between father and daughter in the church, do I need to tell you there is fire on the mountain?

If sex that is only legalized between a man and his wife, is now between a guy and his girlfriend or between a man and his fiancee, do you need angels to come and sound the warning against sexual immorality?

If sex that is a sacred thing in marriage has become a desecrated thing in dating, what else do you want before you prepare the way of the Lord?

Cry aloud, spare not. And tell the house of Jacob their sins, and Israel their transgressions. Pastor why are you not crying aloud? Why are you so mute like ELI? Heaven is shedding tears over the perishing souls every day and you are there raising funds every Sunday to build bigger Auditorium.

You call your members for anointing services and prayer meetings without urging sin out of them.
Some are living together with men that did not pay any dowry on them.

Some commit abortion and cover it up. Some are lesbians and homosexuals. What are you doing about that?

Where has the word of God that says *”flee fornication”* gone to in your Bible? From henceforth, if you don’t take this warning and start declaring war against this strange spirit that has taken over the church, you’ll have questions to answer.

And those who claim they love holiness messages with negligence to this particular truth about sex have actually missed the mark.

To be active in church and still be committing immorality, God is watching you.

To be a child of God and still having a boyfriend or girlfriend, God is watching you.

To be a choir member or youth leader and still be doing what the married are doing, if you like continue.

All you need is genuine repentance.


God Said : There will come a time when mankind will love five things and forget five things.*

1. They will love the enjoyment of this world and forget the day of judgement.

2. They will love money and forget the day of accountability of how they acquired and spend the money.

3. They will fear things that are created and forget the creator.

4. They will love beautiful mansions and forget their grave.

5. They will love sins and forget to seek for God’s forgiveness.

Oh God, bless those who spread this message.

Come to think of this?…….

1. Eternal life = free
2. Church entrance = free
3. Christ’s salvation = free
4. God’s love = free
5. Breath of life = free

A. Cigarette = pay
B. Prostitution = pay
C. Alcohol =pay
D. Nightclub entrance fee= pay
E. Powers to rule the world = pay

Then why are people paying for hell while PARADISE is free?
Think twice
Believe in Christ and you shall be saved..
We always think of Valentine’s day
Birth day
Father’s day
Mother’s day
Children’s day
Our day,
Farmer’s day
Teacher’s day
Christmas day
Independence day
Boxing day,
This day,
That day,
Day in Day out.

Have you ever thought of Judgement Day, is it going to be a day of celebration or condemnation for you ?
If you’re safe, what about your friends & loved ones. Show them love by telling them about the Judgement Day. Please pass this to any group let heaven be happy for you to
day. Please don’t say later, do it now because tomorrow may be too late.

Please it took me time to prepare this

Do me a favour by sharing it to many contacts and groups as possible

Thanks and God bless you.



Last January our neighbour bought a car, my wife woke me from sleep nightly saying ‘Is he not a man like you? Or is he from another planet? You have to do just as he has done? You too must buy a car’. I was forced to buy a Car.

After three months, the neighbour bought a piece of land, and she disturbed me until I also bought one.

Two months ago, the neighbour started his building on his land. As usual, she did not leave me in peace until I also had to do same.

Now, this afternoon, our neighbour brought in a second wife…
Should i wait for the usual pressure, or Just take action??




Actor, Chinedu Ikedieze “Aki” celebrates 43rd Birthday

Happy birthday 🎂



Please read:
Covid vaccine should be avoided at all cost.

Message from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“To all my patients:

I would like to draw your attention urgently to important issues related to the next Covid-19 vaccination. For the first time in the history of vaccination, the so-called last generation mRNA vaccines intervene directly in the genetic material of the patient and therefore alter the individual genetic material, which represents the genetic manipulation, something that was already forbidden and until then considered criminal. This intervention can be compared to genetically manipulated food, which is also highly controversial. Even if the media and politicians currently trivialize the problem and even stupidly call for a new type of vaccine to return to normality, this vaccination is problematic in terms of health, morality and ethics, and also in terms of genetic damage that, unlike the damage caused by previous vaccines, will be irreversible and irreparable.

Dear patients, after an unprecedented mRNA vaccine, you will no longer be able to treat the vaccine symptoms in a complementary way. They will have to live with the consequences, because they can no longer be cured simply by removing toxins from the human body, just as a person with a genetic defect like Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, genetic cardiac arrest, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, Rett syndrome, etc.), because the genetic defect is forever!

This means clearly: if a vaccination symptom develops after an mRNA vaccination, neither I nor any other therapist can help you, because the damage caused by the vaccination will be genetically irreversible. In my opinion, these new vaccines represent a crime against humanity that has never been committed in such a big way in history. As Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, an experienced doctor, said: In fact, this “promising vaccine” for the vast majority of people should be FORBIDDEN, because it is genetic manipulation! ”

The vaccine, developed and endorsed by Anthony Fauci and funded by Bill Gates, uses experimental mRNA technology. Three of the 15 human guinea pigs (20%) experienced a “serious adverse event”.

Note: messenger RNA or mRNA is the ribonucleic acid that transfers the genetic code of the DNA of the cell nucleus to a ribosome in the cytoplasm, that is, the one that determines the order in which the amino acids of a protein bind and act as a mold or pattern for the synthesis of that protein.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (




Yes, like many other viruses.


Yes, if you use the proper medicines and do not leave your health in the hands of corrupt and mercantile health systems.


Yes and many, some are acting discreetly giving appropriate treatments, others have been bolder and there are many videos in the networks talking about these treatments, and many have been threatened, disqualified or silenced.


Yes, and there is a world union calling for more doctors and scientists called Doctors and Scientists for Truth, to expose the falsity of the treatment they have given to the bug issue.


No. The WHO changed the term that referred to the pandemic, before the bug was launched in order to end the pandemic.


Yes, like all flu.


No. If you have symptoms, just take the appropriate medicine from the first day (strengthen the immune system, take anti-inflammatory and anti-influenza) and cure yourself at home.


Yes, being as clean as you should be, and maintaining a high immune system. And you also have: Ozone Therapy, Chlorine Dioxide with the preventive protocol.


No. In the USA it was discovered that any data, would be in fact 10% of that number, because the causes of deaths were other diseases, and the tests are not reliable, they give false positives.


The human being has many microorganisms and viruses in the body and this does not mean that you are a sick or infected person, or that you have the virus, however, the viruses that are supposedly “so aggressive” present some symptoms in the patients because the body releases alarms from an intruder (fever, headache, vomiting, etc.) and according to Koch’s theory the answer is NO.


Yes, in a laboratory.


To be the excuse to restrict freedoms, to change the current economic system to a more oppressive / enslaving, scary, blind flock obedience.




Yes. And all those who contributed to the deaths and the plan will fall, and they will pay for what they did.


No. Fear diminishes your immune system and makes you mentally controllable.


Yes. The owners of the media are accomplices. This is called mind control.


You protect yourself, and if you get sick you already know how to heal yourself at home, or with your trusted doctor who will not commit to the abandonment protocol.


No. If you get healthy, vaccines bring chemicals, heavy metals and a series of “bugs” that will only affect your health more in the medium and long term, both physically and mentally. It’s your body, and it’s your right to decide about it, and about your physical and mental health. Would you trust a vaccine after a virus has been created to exterminate humanity?


Yes.! And we will be victorious! We need to stay together and wake other people up, giving a lot of information.

“Forced to wear a mask, but not to shut up.”
Covid Medical kit Required at home:

1. Paracetamol
2. Betadine for mouthwash and gargle
3. Vitamin C and D3
5. B complex
6. Vapour+ capsules for steam
7. Oximeter
8. Oxygen cylinder (for emergency only)
9.Breathing Exercises

Covid Three stages:

1. Covid only in nose – recovery time is half a day. (Steam inhaling), vitamin C. Usually no fever. Asymptomatic.

2. Covid in throat – sore throat, recovery time 1 day (hot water gargle, warm water to drink, if temp then paracetamol. Vitamin C, Bcomplex. If severe than antibiotic.

3. Covid in lungs- coughing and breathlessness 4 to 5 days. (Vitamin C, B complex, hot water gargle, oximeter, paracetamol, cylinder if severe, lot of liquid required, deep breathing exercise.

Stage when to approach hospital:
Monitor the oxygen level. If it goes below 92 (normal 98-100) then you need oxygen cylinder. If available at home, then no hospital else admit.

*Stay healthy, Stay Safe!*

Please forward to all on your contact list. You never know who it may help.

Advice from inside isolation hospitals, we can do at home

Medicines that are taken in isolation hospitals
1. Vitamin C-1000
2. Vitamin E (E)
3. From (10 to 11) hours, sitting in the sunshine for 15-20 minutes.
4. Egg meal once ..
5. We take a rest / sleep a minimum of 7-8 hours
6. We drink 1.5 liters of water daily
7. All meals should be warm (not cold).

And that’s all we do in the hospital to strengthen the immune system

Note that the pH of coronavirus varies from 5.5 to 8.5

Therefore, all we have to do to eliminate the virus is to consume more alkaline foods above the acidity level of the virus.

Such as :
Green lemon – 9.9 pH
Yellow Lemon – 8.2 pH
Avocado – 15.6 pH
* Garlic – 13.2 pH
* Mango – 8.7 pH
* Tangerine – 8.5 pH
* Pineapple – 12.7 pH
* Watercress – 22.7 pH
* Oranges – 9.2 pH

How to know that you are infected with corona virus?

1. Itchy throat
2. Dry throat
3. Dry cough
4. High temperature
5. Shortness of breath
6. Loss of smell ….

And lemon with warm water eliminates the virus at the beginning before reaching the lungs …

Do not keep this information to yourself. Provide it to all your family and friends.



Nigerian Ambassador to the U.S, Sylvanus Nsofor, dies at 85
Dec 11, 2020

Nigerian Ambassador to the US, Justice Sylvanus Adiewere Nsofor, is dead.

The Nigerian envoy died in a Maryland hospital yesterday night December 10.

He was 85 years old.

Late Nsofor assumed office as Nigeria’s Ambassador to the United States of America on November 13, 2017.

It was his first ambassadorial posting, after his retirement from the Court of Appeal.

The late Nsofor was born on March 17, 1935, in Oguta, Imo State, Nigeria.




A Nigeria Medical Officer in the USA has sent this through to help each and everyone. Please read and take care of yourself. Dr. A Malgwi

The rate at which young people are suffering from Kidney disease is alarming. I am sharing a post which can help us.
Please read below:


Barely two (2) days ago, we all received the news of the demise of the Nigerian actor as a result of kidney disease.
ALSO OUR MINISTER OF PUBLIC WORKS, the Honorable Teko Lake is currently in the Hospital on life support with Kidney problems. I want to show you how to avert this menace of kidney disease.


1. Delaying going to a toilet. Keeping your urine in your bladder for too long is a bad idea. A full bladder can cause bladder damage. The urine that stays in the bladder multiplies bacteria quickly. Once the urine refluxes back to the ureter and kidneys, the toxic substances can result in kidney infections, then urinary tract infections, and then nephritis, and even uremia. When nature calls – do it as soon as possible.

2. Eating too much salt. You should eat no more than 5.8 grams of salt daily.

3. Eating too much meat. Too much protein in your diet is harmful for your kidneys. Protein digestion produces ammonia – a toxn that is very destructive to your kidneys. More meat equals more kidney damage.

4. Drinking too much caffeine. Caffeine is a component of many sodas and soft drinks. It raises your blood pressure and your kidneys start suffering. So you should cut down the amount of coke you drink daily.

5. Not drinking water. Our kidneys should be hydrated properly to perform their functions well. If we don’t drink enough, the toxins can start accumulating in the blood, as there isn’t enough fluid to drain them through the kidneys. Drink more than 10 glasses of water daily. There is an easy way to check if you are drinking
enough water: look at the colour of your urine; the lighter the colour, the better.

6. Late treatment . Treat all your health problems properly and have your health checked regularly. Let’s help ourselves…God will protect you and your family from every disease this year.

(3) Avoid these Tablets, they are very dangerous:
* D-cold
* Vicks Action-500
* Actified
* Coldarin
* Cosome
* Nice
* Nimulid
* Cetrizet-D
They contain Phenyl Propanol-Amide PPA. Which
causes Strokes & Are banned in USA.

Please, before deleting, HELP your friends by passing it..! It might help someone. Fwd to as many as u can.

WhatsApp is free, soo..frwrd it plz..please read and forward this.

Doctors in the United States have found new cancer in human beings, caused by Silver Nitro Oxide.
Whenever you buy recharge cards, don’t scratch with your nails, as it contains Silver Nitro Oxide coating and can cause skin cancer.
Share this message with your loved ones.

Important Health Tips:

1. Answer phone calls with the left ear.

2. Don’t take your medicine with cold water….

3. Don’t eat heavy meals after 5pm.

4. Drink more water in the morning, less at night.

5. Best sleeping time is from 10pm to 4 am.

6. Don’t lie down immediately taking medicine or after meals.

7. When phone’s battery is low to last bar, don’t answer the phone, bcos the radiation is 1000 times stronger.

Kindness costs nothing But Knowledge is power…



Outrage as Police IG Order Officers to Shoot Amidst New Wave of #EndSARS Protest
Vanguard, Dec 9, 2020

Reactions were yesterday divided on the directive by the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, to policemen to use their firearms to defend themselves when their lives were in danger. The IGP had issued the order at Ebonyi State Police Command headquarters, Abakaliki, in view of the recent #EndSARS protests and calls for a fresh campaign against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS.

While Ohanaeze Ndigbo, chairman of United Progressives Party, UPP, and Coalition of Democrats for Electoral Reforms, CODER, saw nothing wrong in the IGP’s directive to his men, Afenifere chieftain, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, Chief Supo Shonibare, Benue tribal leaders and Second Republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed, described the order as unfortunate, saying the police boss had given his men license to kill.



He Care for you. He called you every time. He always checked on you. He promised never to leave you. He promised to stand by you no matter what. He was kind and handsome. He promised to marry you.


He asked you for sex. You were shocked. You hesitate to agree. But you later agree because you don’t want to make him angry. You thought he was a good guy. You thought he will keep all his promises. He saw you fully naked. He did whatever he wanted to do with you. You gave him all your pride and dignity and he was happy.


Then he started asking for more. He had sex with you times without number. He suddenly start to act strange! He began to show less care. He began to get mad at you over small things. He began to cheat. He began to use harsh words on you. And he began to see you as a disturbance to him.


Just because you have nothing special to to give him anymore. Just because you have nothing for him to crave anymore! Just because you seem so cheap to him.

Sweetheart, what were you thinking before. Were you expecting him to treat you the same way while you have nothing for him to crave? Were you expecting him to value you while you have proven to be cheap to him? Where you expecting him to stay after he has used you and gotten every exciting part about you? What else would you have to offer? What else would you have to be proud of? He’s gonna move on and start chasing other girls.

He’s gonna move on like he has never had any relationship with you. He is gonna move on unaffected He can’t marry because you are valueless and have nothing to offer so he thought. Stop wondering where things went wrong. It’s straight, things went wrong when you let him had sex with you.

Now you are left with regret, tears, broken heart, disappointments and wonders.

Let me tell you this my dear, most guys are afraid of breaking up with a lady he never had sex with. But once they have that sex, the fear is now “you breaking up with him”.

Sweetheart, it’s far better to break up with him because you refused to have that sex than breaking up with him because you had the sex.

Remember if he truly loves you, he can patiently wait.

Don’t agree even when your parents know him. Don’t agree even if he introduced you to his parents and whole generation.


Some Guys are very good at faking feelings.


And those who have made the mistake “it’s okay” don’t let it happen again!


Not all guys are the same but only few are different. So to be at safer side, ASSUME ALL OF THEM ARE THE SAME.

Don’t let him turn you to a prostitute because you’re not and never will.

© Sarah Daniels




Mandela Died on Thursday 5 September
Mugabe Died on Thursday 5 September
Mandela died at the age of 95
Mugabe died at the age of 95

Both their surnames start with M
Both are from Southern Africa

Both had second wives named Grace . Wow! History can be a comic.

Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.

John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.

Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.

John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.

Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.

Both wives lost a child while living in the White House.

Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.

Both Presidents were shot in the head.

Now it gets really weird.

Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy.

Kennedy’s Secretary was named Lincoln.

Both were assassinated by Southerners.

Both were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson.

Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808.

Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.

John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln, was born in 1839.

Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy, was born in 1939.

Both assassins were known by their three names.

Both names are composed of fifteen letters.

Now hang on to your seat.

Lincoln was shot at the theater named “Ford.”

Kennedy was shot in a car called “Lincoln” made by “Ford.”

Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.

And here’s the “kicker”:

A week before Lincoln was shot, he was in Monroe, Maryland.

A week before Kennedy was shot, he was with Marilyn Monroe.


Lincoln was shot in a theater and the assassin ran to a warehouse…

Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and the assassin ran to a theater…

Coincidence or what????




1. Abia State Uni – 1
2. Adekunle Ajasin Uni – 1
3. Afe Babalola Uni – 6
4. Ahmad Bello Uni – 1
5. Ambrose Alli Uni – 1
6. Anambra State Uni – 1
7. Babcock University – 10
8. Benson Idahosa Uni – 1
9. Benue State Uni – 1
10. Bowen University – 1
11. Crescent University – 2
12. Delta State Uni – 1
13. Ebonyi State Uni – 1
14 *Ekiti State Uni*-6
15. Enugu State Uni – 3
16. Foreign Students – 7
17. Kogi State Uni – 1
18. Lagos State Uni – 2
19. Niger Delta Uni – 1
*20. Nnamdi Azikwe Uni – 5*
*21. Obafemi Awolowo Uni- 13*
*22. Olabisi Onabanjo Uni- 4*
23. Osun State Uni – 2
24. Rivers State Uni – 3
25. University of Abuja – 2
*26. University of Benin – 7*
27. University of Calabar – 1
*28. University of Ibadan – 26*
*29. University of Ilorin – 6*
*30. University of Jos – 4*
*31. University of Lagos – 9*
32. University of Maiduguri- 2
*33. University of Nigeria – 10*
34. University of Uyo – 2
35. Usman Dan Fodio Uni – 2

*A total of 147 students made First Class, only 20 from Nigeria private universities*

*Lessons ~ that your children went to private universities, paid exorbitant school fees, doesn’t confer exceptional knowledge on him or her.*


Acquittal Principles vs Maquital Principles

According to a recent study by Workman *Teachers Volunteer on the effect of words to a child education development*

There are two psychological syndrome found to be responsible for child academic performances: the acquittal effect and maquital effect.

The acquittal principles says that when a child’s mind is redirected by higher expectation, it leads to an improved performance and thus when words like….

*You are brilliant*
*You can do better*
*You are not lazy*
*You are a good child*
*You like to study*
*You can improve*
*You don’t steal nor lie*
*You are going to be great* are constantly used on a child,

the mind effect of that child doubles its intellectual reception factors and the child performance keeps improving

but this is however not so with the maquital principles which says that when a child is pricked with lower expectation, the performance of the child drops to the extent of their psychological trauma.

Bad words,such as…

*You are from a single parent*
*You are dull*
*You lack parental care*
*you are not a bookworm*
*You are a bad child*

does not help a child to learn and shouting on a child hinders their potential intellectual growth tendencies.

The obvious summary of acquittal and maquital principles is that,the state of self esteem,self worth and self perception of a child is built by words whether to the negative or to the positive

Parent,teachers and guardians have been adviced to help improve on their children/wards academic performance by redirecting their minds with influential words as this was seen lacking in many children during this research expedition across different schools and in that of under aged communities.

*Share to all teachers,Parents and other Sources relevant to Child Development*



Governor Hope Uzodinma Revokes, Restores C of O, Land Titles, etc.

— Hits Senator Rochas Okorocha and Cronies were it pains

— as State Exco approved the restoration of all illegally allocated plots in and around the state capital, revoking of their C of Os and restoration of Original names and plans of all layouts within Owerri Capital territory, adding that all these was sequel to the adoption of another white paper on Lands and related matters, recommended by the panel of inquiry on lands in the state.

— Ordered the immediate demolition of all illegal structures not contained in the new Government House permanent site at new Owerri and the restoration of the Arugo and Ekwema layouts to its original plan.

Briefing Journalist at the end of wednesday 25/11/2020 Exco meeting at the Government House, the state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Chief Declan Mbadiwe Emelumba said council adopted a white paper recommended by the IMSUTH visitation panel and ordered that the CMD and his management be handed over to the police for further investigation.

He noted that council wondered why the wage bill of the Institution would jump from 147 Million to 236 Million from December 2019 to January 2020 in just one month, noting that the management took advantage of the new administration to fraudulently pad the wage bill to short change government.

Ihe onye metara oburu!


Catholic Priest Drops BombBlast Prayer Points For Nigerians To Pray

By Don Majemite-16th November, 2020.

Catholic Priest has dropped BombBlast Prayer Points for Nigerians to pray. The Catholic Priest, popularly called Fada Oluoma, dropped the prayer point via his Official Facebook page.

He writes Dear Lord, praying for someone to get a visa to America, Canada, Dubai, UK and other 1st world countries is among the biggest miracles and testimonies in Nigeria. Haba Daddy, that doesn’t sound fair na (please excuse my manners) I have a better prayer: our Lord Jesus Christ said in Mtt 15:13: ”every tree not planted by my Heavenly Father will be uprooted. If a blind man leads a blind man both will fall into a pit” Ps 24 also said that the earth and it’s fullness belongs to you. Nigeria is definitely yours.

Please uproot whoever and whatever that needs to be uprooted to make Nigeria better.

We prefer the miracle of a Nigeria that provides same opportunities and environment for people to thrive to the miracle of getting visas to other countries.

That blind leader who travels abroad for vacation sees all the good things there and still returns to Nigeria with no intention to replicate them, please uproot him/her from office.

That blind leader who travels abroad for medical treatment but refuses to build, equip hospitals and provide medical care to the masses, Biko uproot from office.

Those blind leaders who send their children abroad to school but do nothing about education in Nigeria, please uproot from office.

Those wicked leaders who hoard and hide palliatives meant for poor people, they are too hungry and wicked to be leaders, please uproot them from office.

Those who use thugs to disrupt peaceful protests, please uproot them from office.

Those who reserve appointments for their children and relatives who are not yet graduates, ewoooo Nna, uproot them from office.

Those who make appointments by tribal, religious and ethnic affiliation at the detriment of competence, please uproot them from office.

Those who rubbish the integrity and capacity of our institutions, uproot them from office.

Those who sell judgements to the highest bidder, uproot them from office.

Those who reject every reasonable idea and step to make this country better, uproot from office.

Those who cause and perpetuate corruption, please uproot from office.

How about the religious leaders who teach wrong things to their followers just to keep them docile and milk them dry, Hmmmm, don’t just uproot those ones because they may find another pulpit, give them the Zechariah treatment, let them be dumb until they learn to teach the truth. Amen



Football legend Diego Maradona, one of the greatest players of all time, has died at the age of 60.

The former Argentina attacking midfielder and manager suffered a heart attack.

He had successful surgery on a brain blood clot earlier in November and was to be treated for alcohol dependency.

Maradona was captain when Argentina won the 1986 World Cup, producing a series of sublime individual performances to lead his team to glory.

In a statement on Twitter, the Argentine Football Association expressed “its deepest sorrow for the death of our legend”, adding: “You will always be in our hearts.”

Maradona played for Barcelona and Napoli during his club career, winning two Serie A titles with the Italian side.

Maradona scored 34 goals in 91 appearances for Argentina, representing them in four World Cups.

He led his country to the 1990 final in Italy, where they were beaten by West Germany, before captaining them again in the United States in 1994, but was sent home after failing a drugs test for ephedrine.

During the second half of his career, Maradona struggled with cocaine addiction and was banned for 15 months after testing positive for the drug in 1991.

He retired from professional football in 1997, on his 37th birthday, during his second stint at Argentine giants Boca Juniors.

Having briefly managed two sides in Argentina during his playing career, Maradona was appointed head coach of the national team in 2008 and left after the 2010 World Cup, where his side were beaten by Germany in the quarter-finals.

He subsequently managed teams in the United Arab Emirates and Mexico and was in charge of Gimnasia y Esgrima in Argentina’s top flight at the time of his death.



Positives In Negatives

A young woman was sitting at her dining table, worried about bills to be paid, house-work to be done, and to top it all, her extended family was coming over the next day to spend the holiday at her place.

She was not feeling very thankful at that time.

As she turned her gaze sideways, she noticed her young daughter typing furiously into her laptop.

“My teacher asked us to write a paragraph on “Negative Thanksgiving” for homework today.” Said her daughter.

“She asked us to write down things that we are thankful for, things that make us feel not so good in the beginning, but turn out to be good after all.”

With curiosity, the mother peeked into the laptop. This is what her daughter wrote:

“I’m thankful for Final Exams because that means school is almost over.

I’m thankful for bad-tasting medicine because it helps me feel better.

I’m thankful for waking up to alarm clocks because it means I’m still alive.”

It then dawned on the mother, that she had a lot of things to be thankful for!

She thought again…

She has taxes to pay but, that meant she is fortunate to be employed.

She has house-work to do but, that meant she has a shelter to live in.

She has to prepare for her many family members who are coming to spend the holiday at her place but that meant she has a family with whom she could celebrate.


We generally complain about the negative things in life but we fail to look at the positive side of it.

What are the positives in your negatives?

Look at the better part of life today and make your every day a great day.

Be happy.

You’re blessed always.

Be Inspired



My Sister’s Husband
Episode 5
I know you earn money through your fashion designer, but this car look very expensive for you to afford. “Cynthia said not satisfied with her answer
well the truth of the matter is that my boyfriend bought it for me. “Nancy said
now you are talking, I thought as much so which of your boyfriend that bought the car for you? Cynthia asked again
is b -man, the guy I told you about two months ago .”Nancy replied
oh oh…. you mean the guy you told me that have been disturbing you? she asked trying to be sure
yes aunty he is the one. “Nancy replied smiling
wow!! you finally agreed to him, OMG! this car is very beautiful, he really tried in buying this expensive car for you, I can’t wait to see him. “Cynthia said looking at the car
“don’t worry aunty you will see him soon, anyway he also rented an apartment for me too, I will be moving out from here in two days time to my new house. “Nancy exclaimed
so soon? why not bring the guy for me to see and know more about him. “Cynthia said
Aunty!! like I said before, you will see him soon, but for now am very tired and need som…… as Nancy was still talking her phone began to rang, but she refused to pick her call .
why are you not picking your call? Cynthia asked
Aunty! the call is not important, let me go inside and rest .”Nancy said and after that she went inside, while Cynthia went to the kitchen to continue what she was doing.
When Nancy got to her room, her phone began to ring again, so she picked the call but before she picked the call she make sure that her sister wasn’t around the place to hear her conversation.
hello!! why are you not picking my calls? bright angrily asked over the phone
do you expect me to pick the call in your wife’s present? don’t you know that I was with your wife when you were calling. “Nancy said in a low tone
you should have called me that you are already at home, but I hope you did not tell her that am the one that bought the car for you? bright asked over the phone
why will I tell her that, am I a baby? I only told her is my boyfriend that bought the car for me. “Nancy replied
That’s is good, you know that we will keep this our relationship secret so that she will not find out, anyway am on my way coming home. “bright said
alright, your wife is waiting for you to come back fast. “she said smiling
forget about that woman, is you that I love most. “bright said to her over the phone and Nancy smiled
ok, I love yo….. Nancy have not finish her statement when the door of her room opened and it was Cynthia
“complete the statement, tell him that you love him too. “Cynthia said immediately she came inside the room and that moment Nancy’s heart skipped
Aunty!! have you been eavadropping on my conversation? Nancy asked in a shaking voice
yes I heard your conversation but not all, you think I don’t know that you are talking to your boyfriend on the phone, anyway since he is still on the line let me greet him, in-law am greeting ooo. “Cynthia said but Immediately bright heard his wife voice over the phone, he dropped the call .
Aunty he can’t hear you because he Is no more on the line. “Nancy said in an uneasy tone
oh I thought he was still on the line, well I came to tell you that food is ready, but wait ooo, are you okay? Cynthia asked when she noticed the uneasiness in Nancy
how aunty? Nancy manage to asked
you don’t look comfortable, is it because I heard you talking to your boyfriend that is making you uncomfortable? my dear I don’t see anything wrong in you talking to your boyfriend on phone, after all you are no more a baby, I don’t know why you are hiding to introduce your boyfriend to me, anyway like I said before food is ready. “Cynthia said and after that she left the room
“Ah… thank God that was so close. “Nancy said immediately her sister had left.
To be continued……..
What’s your take on this, is Nancy doing the right thing??? Is Cynthia playing her role well as an elder sister???




Lekki shootings: We’re considering tendering CNN report, says lawyer

#EndSARS campaigner, Moyinoluwa, in detention, 30 days after arrest

FCT vendor awaiting resumption in ministry before killing – Colleague

Buhari regime’s second recession: Cut governance cost, aid production, diversify, experts tell Federal Govt

N784m debt: Court rules in AMCON’s suit against Ogboru

Gombe judge petitions CJN, alleges illegal exclusion from CJ list

Refineries gulped N81.41bn, refined zero crude – NNPC

Train 7 to create 52,000 jobs, says NLNG

N120bn Bodo-Bonny road ready in 2022 – FG

NDPHC to re-award contracts for 2,000MW power plants

FIFA lists Nigerian refs for 2023 Women’s W’Cup

T’Tennis: Asoju Oba Cup serves off Nov 30

Rohr didn’t deserve a new deal –Akpoborie

South-West plans 44-town rail network, seeks law review

Killers of Nasarawa APC chairman won’t go scot-free -Gov

FG owing us N43bn on road rehabilitation, says Anambra

N242m looted goods recovered in Osun – Panel

Indecent dressing: HoS threatens to sanction Abia workers

Kidnappers demanded soft drinks before releasing ABU students

Katsina PDP mourns as bandits kill council chair

Escort policemen kill Ekiti man, abandon corpse, van in hospital

1.9 million pupils enrol in Kano basic schools


The Nation
Buhari urges security agencies to tackle violence

Gbajabiamila condoles with Abuja vendors

Jimoh lbrahim, NICON tackle AMCON

Yuletide: Fashola asks contractors to make Lagos-Ibadan road motorable, safe

Fed Govt gets three aircraft for NCAT

NHRC plans 16-day activism to curb gender-based violence

Under-fire Rohr gets fresh support to lead Eagles

FIBA Afrobasket: D’Tigers hit camp today

Fed Govt lists November savings bond

Bola Ige memorial symposium holds Dec 17

Dakuku’s ‘Strategic Turnaround: Story of a Government Agency’ for release January 2021

UBA takes agency banking to 20 African countries

Govt’s failure led to recession, says PDP

AFN chiefs set for Ogbomosho Marathon

PDP leaders begin search for Secondus’ successor

Transcorp Hilton Abuja wins four awards at 2020 World Travel Awards

Tambuwal urges leaders to emulate Balarabe Musa

Kebbi launches data capture portal to boost employment

Benue NAFEST contingent leaves for Jos


Fuel Price: Labour walks out of dialogue with FG

Biden to name Blinken as Secretary of State ― Report

UK Supreme Court to hear case over ‘IS bride’ return

Jihadist threat keeps 300,000 voters from Burkina Faso polls

Merkel and deputy prepare Germans for stricter coronavirus measures

Sirika acquires three new aircraft for NCAT

NCC pledges more collaboration with Nigerian universities

Recession: We need painful actions, adjustment to 2021 proposed budget — Atiku

FG must create enabling environment to tackle diabetes — Dr Afoke Isiavwe

Equities pricing: MPC meeting, year-end positioning to renew bullish run

Q3’20: UBA grows earnings by 6% to N454.4 bn

Wike imposes 24 hours curfew on parts of P-Harcourt, warns youths against cultism

I’ll support Sampou Anglican Church project — Gov. Diri

Police rescue kidnapped victim in Calabar

US supports malaria control in Benue with 3.6m ITNs

APC chairman’s killers were assassins, not kidnappers ― Police Commissioner, Longe

Armed bandits kidnap Imam, 17 worshippers from mosque in Zamfara


Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do. – Steve Jobs

### Good morning



I wasn’t scared because people said that he was the devil’s son, they couldn’t be speaking literally. They were probably referring to his personality, that he maybe was a liar, a tempter, a murderer, manipulative or that he was just pure evil and that’s what scared me.
A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts, and shortly after a court lady came in.
“My lady, it’s time.” She informed.
I descended the stairs, careful not to fall or stumble, but it was hard with the long dress and the heavy jewelry. I was relieved when there were only a few steps left, but just then I stepped on my dress and stumbled forward, almost falling before a strong arm came around my waist and saved me ruining myself on my wedding day.
Straightening myself I looked up to see who it was. Who had dared to touch a princess like that? Not that I minded, I was just curious.
Looking up, my eyes met a pair of golden eyes. No, wait! Not golden, they had the color of flames or the lava from a volcano. I had never seen eyes like that before.
“Are you alright My Lady?” Asked the man in front of me with a frown.
If I had knots in my stomach before, now suddenly I had butterflies as I gazed into his eyes.
Who was this man? I had never seen him before. He was tall, broad-shouldered and his thick raven black hair fell over his shoulders down to his waist. You could tell from the clothes that he was royalty. Could he be one of the royalties who came to attend my wedding?
“Yes, yes… I am… I am fine My Lord.” I replied.
“My Lady,” He bowed elegantly before turning around and leaving.
“That’s one good looking man.” Ylva pointed as I stared at his back while he walked away.
Yes, I thought to myself. Very good looking but I was getting married and didn’t have the luxury to look at other men.
“Shall we?” I asked but Lydia and Ylva were too occupied to hear what I said. They kept following him with their gaze until he was out of sight.
I snapped my finger in front of their face to wake them up. “Yes, yes My lady. Let’s go.” They hurried to say.
The ceremony would begin with a greeting exchange between the bride and the groom and their families. I gave the guard a nod and he informed my presence, then motioned for me to enter.
Lydia and Ylva gave me a reassuring smile before I left them behind to walk inside. Now I was all on my own.
Taking a deep breath I strode into the hall carefully and immediately all heads turned to look at me. I walked with my head high but kept my gaze low, only looking at the floor until I reached the throne where my father was sitting with my mother next to him. While greeting them I felt my legs tremble.
Mother smiled at me nervously but my father just gestured for me to sit down at a table nearby. He was unbothered by the fact that he was marrying me off to a prince rumored to be the devil’s son.
Ignoring my father I smiled at my mother then went to my seat. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me, some stared at me with pity and others with repulsion as if it was my fault that I was getting married to whomever I was getting married to. They should blame my father not me.
After a while, the guard informed the groom’s presence and everyone turned their attention from me to the door. The room went quiet as the guests waited for the groom to enter. I, on the other hand, looked down quickly and rubbed my hands together nervously as I felt the knots in my stomach return. I wanted to look up but I was afraid.
What if I didn’t like what I saw? What if the rumors were true? Would he have red eyes and long nails, and maybe even black horns on his head? Don’t be ridiculous, I told myself and decided to take a look.
Slowly I glanced at the door as my heart hammered inside my chest and almost gasped when the groom entered.
This was the man from earlier with the golden eyes. He couldn’t be the groom, could he?
The guests stared at him surprised as well and began to whisper hysterically into each other’s ears. They must have been expecting someone with black horns to enter the room and not some tall, elegant looking man.
Not the least bothered by the whispers or stares he walked gracefully toward my father, taking each step with confidence.
“Your Majesty,” he said bowing slightly.
I dropped my jaw, so did the guests. No one bowed slightly to the king. This man was truly fearless and being disrespectful toward my father. I already got a bad feeling about him. Not because I thought my father deserved any kind of respect but because he was so daring with his actions already.
He must have noticed people’s reactions; it was so obvious, but he didn’t seem to care. My father, on the other hand, didn’t react, he just gestured toward me.
As I saw him turn to me I looked down quickly, then heard the clicking sound of his footsteps as he neared before sitting on the other end of the table, facing me.
He didn’t utter a word. Wasn’t he supposed to greet me or at least tell me his name? I don’t think father ever told me his name but I don’t think I gave him the chance either. I had fought and cried the day father told me he was marrying me off to some stranger, but my father was stubborn and had already made up his mind.
“Today we are gathered to celebrate my daughter’s wedding to the prince of the Decresh,” Father began to speak once everyone was seated. He raised his golden wine cup, “Let the ceremony begin, and enjoy yourselves.”
People clapped while dancers and musicians walked in to entertain the guests. People seemed to be enjoying themselves. I, of course, couldn’t see since I was supposed to keep my gaze down, because ‘that’s what a lady should do’. Well then, I hate being a lady.
“Don’t you like the music?” He finally asked breaking the awkward silence. I peeked through my long lashes, but once I gazed into his eyes it was hard to look away. They were captivating.
“I do Your Highness,” I replied.
“What do you have in store for the tea ceremony?”
Oh no! The tea ceremony! That was the traditional part of the royal wedding where the bride has to show one of her talents to entertain the guests and impress the groom. Hell with impressing. I didn’t want to impress anyone, especially not this man.
“It is a surprise, Your Highness,” I said, sending him a staged smile.
I was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room, everyone’s attention directed at me. It was time for the tea ceremony. The guests would sit and enjoy their tea while I would have to entertain them.
I took up my flute before lightly putting it on my lips, and started playing. Soon my nervousness disappeared. I loved playing the flute, loved the sound of it. Closing my eyes, I let the sound take me far away, to a peaceful place. Now and then I would hear some people praising me through my haze and then they applauded when I was done.
Opening my eyes I found him staring directly at me. He wasn’t applauding but there was a hint of a smile on his face.
Now it was time for the gift exchange. We exchanged our gifts, and then it was time for me to go to my new home. The knot in my stomach returned with such intensity that I felt like throwing up.
Mother came up to me while father spoke to my husband. Husband? The word sounded strange in my head. She took my hands in hers. “Everything is going to be fine,” she said, “just remember what I told you”.
Yes, I remembered very clearly our mother and daughter talk. To be a good wife, to listen to your husband and to not make him angry.
“Yes, I will,” I said, enveloping her in a tight hug. I wasn’t supposed to, but right now I didn’t care because I might never see her again.
The carriage was waiting outside. The prince, or should I say, my husband led the way. I looked behind me one last time and found Lydia and Ylva standing on the balcony, their cheeks wet with tears.
“I will miss you too,” I whispered.
We rode home in silence. I hated it because it made me nervous, and gave me time to think of what was waiting once we arrived. The wedding consummation. I had never even touched a man before, father made sure of that, and now I would… I shook my head. You’re scaring yourself, I scolded myself. Maybe he would spare me tonight if he had someone else to be with.
“Your Highness?”
“Do you have another wife, Your Highness?” I asked.
I shouldn’t have. It was none of my business. Mother had told me to be careful not to ask a prince such questions, but I didn’t care. I needed to know what was waiting for me once we reached home.
He turned his gaze to me and narrowed his eyes. Did he get angry?
“No, I don’t.” He answered slowly.
I was surprised that I felt relieved when I shouldn’t have. This would only mean that I would have to spend the night with him. I shivered at the thought.
“But I have many mistresses.” He finished.
Oh, of course. Why didn’t I think about it? He was an attractive man and a prince. I wanted to curse, but he suddenly laughed.
“You don’t seem to like that,” He drawled.
Why would I? But I couldn’t say that, indeed.
“It’s not for me to like or dislike, Your Highness,” I stated simply.
He didn’t say anything to that.
I wondered what his name would be.
“Your Highness?”
“You may call me Lucian when we are alone”.
Lucian. I repeated the name in my head. I liked the sound of it.
After a while, the carriage stopped, and then a guard informed us that we had arrived. Lucian stepped out of the carriage and offered me his hand. I took it, and he helped me down.
The castle was grand and the garden even more luxurious, with green bushes and colorful flowers. The castle was made of ivory walls and several tall, square towers. The towers were connected by large bridges and small windows covered its walls along with gaps for archery and artillery.
There was a big fountain in the middle of the garden surrounded by grass and bushed in all kinds of shapes. Different range of flowers were symmetrically scattered across the garden. It was truly a beautiful sight.
“Lucian?” someone called and I turned my head to see who.
Four men in royal robes approached us from a distance.
“We came to welcome you and your bride,” One of them spoke as they neared.
“Is that so?” Lucian asked.
“Of course, we are brothers after all!” The other behind him smirked.
“Why don’t you and your bride join us for dinner?” He suggested. “We would like take a closer look at your bride,” and then he shot me a glance.
Lucian walked up to his brother, standing only a few inches away from him. It looked like he was trying to intimidate him which clearly worked because suddenly his brother’s guards grabbed their weapons as if ready to attack.
Lucians guards reached for their weapons as well and there was suddenly tension in the air.
What was happening? I thought they were brothers or did I hear wrong?
“Thank you brother, but I must decline,” Lucian said in a polite tone, that didn’t match the menacing look in his eyes.
Turning his back to his brother, he took my hand, gripping it hard he dragged me through the halls of the castle. He was angry.
“Won’t we greet your parents, Your Highness?” I asked.
Lucian came to a halt and his grip on my hand loosened. “My mother is dead,” he said his voice void of any emotion, “and the King, do not worry about him, he does not matter,” he added then started walking again, only this time he didn’t drag me.
As we strode through the halls with Lucian still holding my hand two maids appeared in front of us.
“Your Highness,” they greeted with a bow. “With your permission, we would like to prepare Her Highness.” They inquired.
Prepare me for what? Preparing is what I have been doing my entire life.
At first, Lucian didn’t let go of my hand, but when the maids gave him a pleading look he released me and left without a word.
The maids motioned for me to follow them and led me to a dressing room where they helped me get out of my wedding dress and slip into a beautiful white nightgown with its matching robe, both made of silk. They took out the pins in my hair and let it fall in waves. After putting some scents onto my skin, they served me tea.
“What’s this?” I asked.
“It’s a herb tea that will help you relax and decrease the pain, Your Highness.”
“What pain?” I said, but then realized what they were talking about.
They must have seen the horror on my face because I could see pity on theirs. Why did they pity me? Was he going to be rough with me? Well, he didn’t seem like the gentle type from the way he gripped my wrist earlier. It was as if his hand was made of steel.
“I don’t need it,” I said and stood up straight. “Just take me to the chamber”.
They hesitated but then followed my orders and led me to our private chamber where they sat me down on the bed. Adjusting my hair and gown they took one last look to see if everything was perfect.
“We will inform His Highness that you are ready,” they informed and left.
The worst scenarios appeared in my head and my heart pounded so hard in my chest that it was getting difficult to breathe. My hands started to sweat and my head began to spin. I waited for what seemed like hours but was likely just minutes.
After the long wait, the door finally opened and Lucian stepped inside. Closing the door behind him he just stood there for a while, studying me with those odd eyes of his before approaching me slowly.
“Aren’t you tired?” he asked standing a few steps away.
“I am, Your Highness.”
“Lucian,” he corrected.
“Lucian,” I repeated, in barely a whisper.
“Then we should go to sleep,” he said and lay down on the bed next to where I sat. “I am tired too.”
Lucian looked at the woman in front of him. She looked so frightened. He wondered if she was scared for the obvious reasons, or if she was scared because she had heard the rumors about him. Either way, he didn’t blame her. Most people feared him, even his own father. He never dared to look his son in the eyes. Lucian always wondered what he had done to make his father fear him.
He always knew that he was different. He had even scared himself when he was a little boy, when he had discovered what he could do.
When he, for the first time, moved an object with just a thought, or when he had wished his brother could burn, and then suddenly his brothers’ clothes were on fire. Everyone rushing to help him get out of the flaming clothes. That day he had been terrified. Running to his room he had cried in a corner, wishing he could talk to someone about it. But who? His father feared and hated him; he would just scare him even more, and his mother was dead. He wondered how she would react.
His brothers used to play with him at first, but then when they got older and started their training, they noticed he was faster, stronger and a better fighter. He was also a very skilled swordsman; his teachers always praised him. But his brothers, they mocked him, telling him to stop cheating. ′Cheating is what the Devil does,′ they would say.
The maids had mixed feelings about him. They were as attracted to him as they were scared. Some of them liked the thrill, the danger. The young ones would give him seductive glances, but the older maids would warn them. ‘Be careful,’ they would say, ‘tempting people and making them sin is what he does.’ Some would listen some wouldn’t.
The only people who didn’t fear him or hate him were his men. His soldiers. They were tough men who didn’t believe in rumors. They respected him. Still, they weren’t his family; he could only talk business with them.
Lucian looked at the woman now laying beside him. The woman who was his family now. She was laying so far out on the edge he was afraid she would fall from the bed. She didn’t even move, she was so stiff. Even though he told her to sleep, he could still hear her heart beating wildly inside her chest.
She had surprised him earlier with her bold questions. He liked her so far; she amused him. Lucian remembered the look on her face when he told her that he had mistresses. She was probably the jealous type. I guess I like jealous, he thought, smiling to himself. And when she played the flute, and when she had whispered his name.
Now she was as timid as a rabbit. That, he didn’t like.
That night I had a dream. I was running, terrified. I was running for my life, and something was chasing me. Something dark. Something with intent to kill. I couldn’t see it but I could feel its presence. It wanted me. It was hungry and angry and it wouldn’t stop hunting me until it caught me. I ran so fast that I stumbled on my own feet and fell. It was close now; it would catch me.
A dark figure slowly appeared from the shadows. It had red eyes and horns. Black horns, curling like the devils. It stretched its hands toward me. I could see its nails that looked more like claws. They were coming closer. I shrieked a high, panicked sound. It had caught me, and now it was shaking me.
“My Lady! My Lady!” a gentle voice urged. I shot my eyes open with a gasp and found Lucian looming over me.
“You’re ok,” He assured, brushing something away from my face. “It was just a dream.”
I was panting and sweat dripped down my face. I was scared and confused. Lucian pulled me to his chest. He held me in his arms and stroke my hair.
“It’s alright.” He whispered softly. “Relax and sleep.”
Eventually, as I lay in his arms, my heartbeat returned to a steady rhythm and I fell asleep once again.
When I woke up a few maids were already in the room but there was no sign of Lucian. I remembered last night while the maids helped me get prepared. I was surprised at the fact that I was still untouched. He hadn’t even tried. He must have been tired from the long journey, but tonight there was no escape. Maybe I should talk to him and tell him that I wasn’t ready yet, I thought. The question was how.
I got out of the bed and the maids helped me bathe and get dressed.
“His Highness wants you to join him for breakfast, My Lady,” One of the maids informed when she was done with my hair.
“Lead the way,” I said.
The maid led me to the garden just outside the room. There Lucian was standing with his back toward me and his arms crossed behind his back.
“Your Highness?”
He turned around and I couldn’t understand why my heart skipped a beat. “My Lady, did you have a good night’s sleep?”
“I did, Your Highness. How about you?” He probably didn’t, but it felt courteous to ask. I must have disturbed him with my dream.
“I have slept well. Do you mind having breakfast with me?” I didn’t expect him to be so polite.
“I would love to,” I answered with a smile.
The breakfast smelled and looked delicious. There were several dishes and their food wasn’t much different from ours back home. But because of the knots in my stomach that still refused to go away, I couldn’t eat much. Instead, I would glance at the garden now and then. It was beautiful. There was a gorgeous range of flowers; roses, daisies, daffodils. Carved hedged depicted strange shapes all around the space.
We had a beautiful garden back home too, but it was nothing compared to this.
Suddenly Lucian stood up from his seat and walked over to me, holding his hand out for me to grasp.
“Walk with me,” he said and I blushed. He must have noticed me ogling the garden, but how could I not. Back home I rarely went outside because of my fathers’ strict rules and now I was walking through the most beautiful garden I have ever seen.
“You never go out?” he asked, with a curious expression.
“No, my father would not allow it.”
“So you have always been at home?”
“Yes,” was my short reply.
“Well, you can walk around here anytime. It’s our personal garden” He said with a charming smile.
“Really?” My voice was colored with excitement and surprise. He nodded.
After walking for a while in silence, I decided now was the best time to bring up the consummation.
“Your Highness?”
“About the wedding consummation, I…I’m not ready yet.” I looked down quickly, afraid to meet his gaze. My heart pounded in my ears as I waited for an answer. A laugh, an angry exclamation, anything.
“I know, it’s alright,” he said gently. I looked up in surprise and breathed out in relief.
“I could just go to one of my mistresses to satisfy my needs.” He added.
The smile on my face died and I clenched my fists. Why was I getting angry? He could go wherever he wanted and fool around with whoever he wanted. He could go to hell. Suddenly he laughed. What was so funny?
“If you don’t want me to go, then tell me.” He said leaning closer.
“I don’t want you to go” I repeated.
Shocked at my own outburst, I put a hand over my mouth. He laughed again.
Eventually, he stopped laughing. “Hazel,” he said stepping closer and gazing into my eyes.
He knew my name.
Of course. Men got always more informed about their spouses then women. Unfair.
“I promise you one thing and I will stand by my word. I will treat you well.” He then took my hand in his and kissed my knuckles, his flaming eyes never leaving mine. My heart fluttered inside my chest.
Dropping my hand,”I have to go, make yourself at home.” He said before walking away.
A maid showed me around. The castle had several quarters. Every prince and his family had their own quarters and their own household staff, including servants, cooks, and guards. I had already looked around our personal garden and I especially liked the white swing with a ceiling, surrounded by white and pink roses in a half-circle.
We then went through the halls that led to several smaller halls. The smaller halls had several doors that led to different rooms. One hall led to the kitchen, the pantry, and the storeroom. Another hall led to the guest room and the dining room, and another one led to the library and study. There were several other halls, but we went through the hall that led to our private chamber and the bathrooms.
Inside our chamber, there were doors that led to other rooms. The maid opened one of them and I went inside. It was the dressing room from yesterday.
“This is the boudoir. It’s your personal room when you want to be alone, My Lady.” She explained.
“His Highness has one too.” She continued gesturing to the door at the other end of the room. I decided to take a look once the maid left but the door was locked. Why did he lock his room?
As I walked out of the chamber, a little boy bumped into my leg and fell backward. He stood up quickly. “I am sorry, My Lady,” he said, wide-eyed.
“It’s Alright” I smiled. He had short blonde hair and his big brown eyes stared innocently at her. “Who are you?”
“I am Prince Pierre’s son. My name is Levi, My lady.” I couldn’t help but smile at his cuteness. “I am looking for uncle Lucian.” He called him by his first name. They must be very close I thought.
“His Highness is not here,” I said with a gentle smile. “Do you want to leave a message for him? I am his wife.”
“Can I wait for him here?” He asked with a hopeful look in his eyes.
“Yes, of course. Come,” I said and led him to the garden. “I am having lunch soon; are you hungry?”
He nodded.
“Sit down,” I urged. The maids served us lunch – including baked potatoes and grilled chicken with vegetables.
“Please don’t tell my father I have been here, My Lady.” He pleaded. “Father doesn’t like me being here.”
“Why not?” I asked curious.
“He says Uncle Lucian is a bad man.”
Bad man? Why would his brother say something like that about him?
“Then why don’t you listen to your father? Why don’t you stay away?” I asked, treading carefully.
“Because I like being with uncle Lucian. He is nice to me even though he’s not nice anymore.” He said timidly.
“Why not?”
“I don’t know, he just tells me I shouldn’t be here, he tells me to go away.” He looked hurt.
“What about the rest of your uncles? Why don’t you accompany them?”
“I just like uncle Lucian.”
“Levi!” someone shouted and shortly after a woman barged in. The maids behind her, wore an apologetic look on their face.
I stood up from my seat, and the woman looked me up and down.
“Mother,” Levi said stiffly, standing up.
“Come here!” She ordered, and he walked up to her. She put a hand on his shoulder. “I told you not to come here,” She scolded him. “Go now.”
Levi left running away quickly. Poor child, I thought.
The woman then turned to me. “I am Princess Elsa, the Crown Prince’s first wife,” She said straightening her shoulders and neck as if challenging me with her superiority.
“It’s nice to meet you, Princess Elsa. I am Princess Hazel,” I replied courteously, trying my best to not offend her. I didn’t want conflict this early on.
“My son won’t disturb you anymore,” she said, with finality. “Feel free to visit if you ever feel alone, my quarter is next to yours.”
“Maybe I will,” I said, and then she turned around elegantly with a high chin and left.
After having my lunch I went to the white swing in the garden and lay down while looking up the sky. I had many questions and thoughts that bothered me. Why would Lucian’s brother say something like that about him? Yesterday, they looked as though they were willing to attack each other. I remembered the menacing look in Lucian’s eyes, so different from the soft look he gave me today when he kissed my hand. My heart fluttered at the memory.
“What makes you smile so?” A familiar voice came from nearby.
“Your Highness.” I inclined my head. He had surprised me. I moved over to create a space for him on the seat. He took a seat beside me and put one arm over the seatback.
“How was your day?”
“It was fine Your Highness…I mean Lucian.” I corrected myself.
He just smiled.
“Your nephew was here,” I added.
His only reply was a short ‘hmm’.
“He said his father wouldn’t be happy to know he was here.”
“Yes, my brothers don’t like me,” Lucian replied, devoid of emotion.
“Haven’t you heard the rumors? that I’m the ‘devil’s son.'”
“But you’re not…?” I trailed off, confused.
He just looked at me for a while before finally replying; “I don’t know.”
All princes and their first wives were invited to have dinner with the King. When we arrived, the King welcomed us and we greeted him in turn, then we greeted one another amongst ourselves. While the princes chatted and laughed, except Lucian, the princesses just glared at each other. There was some kind of hostility between them.
Lucian didn’t go up to his brothers, he just stood beside me. None of them seemed to care about him, either. He had told me earlier that they didn’t like him because he was the devil’s son. I wondered if they really believed that kind of blasphemy.
And why did he say that he didn’t know if he actually was the devil’s son? I was confused.
Before my head imploded with questions, dinner was served and we sat down in our assigned places. Each prince sat beside his wife. The Crown Prince was sitting next to the King, they were talking about something animatedly, waving their hands around wildly. His wife Elsa looked at me now and then. I wondered if she had any problem with me. But I had to admit she was a beauty. Possibly the most beautiful of all the princesses, with her curly blonde hair and sky blue eyes.
Lucian and I ate our dinner in silence; he seemed uncomfortable as though he was forced to be here.
A guard came in and whispered something into the King’s ear and shortly after the king stood up from his seat. “I have a few things to take care of, but enjoy your dinner.”He said guardedly, and with that, he left.
As soon as the King left the Crown Prince rose from his seat holding his wine glass delicately in one hand and a spoon on the other. He tapped the spoon on the glass to grab everyone’s attention.
“First, we shall welcome or little brother’s bride,” he began, “and then..” he continued, clearly not fit to form complete sentences in his intoxicated state.
“And then,” the prince next to him picked up where his brother had left off. “We shall tell embarrassing stories about our little brother to his bride.”
Lucians brothers laughed. They may have been speaking of this as a joke, but something was off. Their laughs weren’t genuine and sounded evil to my ears. I could feel Lucian shifting uncomfortably beside me.
The Crown Prince walked along with the table and stood behind the prince and his wife who were sitting in front of us.
“You must have heard the rumor about our brother, about him being the son of the devil. What do you think about that?” He asked, cruel mirth clear in his tone. I could see Lucian clenching his fists under the table.
“It’s as you said Your highness, just a rumor” I replied. I didn’t know why I defended Lucian, but I felt a strange protectiveness over him.
The crown prince sent me a scrutinizing glare, but he wasn’t willing to give up. He was probably thinking of other ways to insult his brother. He had no right!
“So you don’t believe them?” He looked at me skeptically.
“Should I, Your Highness?” I said in a challenging tone, mock sweetness coloring my voice.
Clearly, the crown prince was not succeding with his insults so he got some help from his brother sitting in front of us.
“Even his mother didn’t want him after she gave birth to him,” he added.
I couldn’t believe my ears. How could he say something so cruel to his own brother?
Beside me, Lucian’s entire body tensed up, ready to spring at the brother sending cruel taunts to the both of us. I quickly reached out under the table and gently laid my hand atop his, willing him to stop and consider his actions.
Lucian stilled. He raised his incredulous gaze up to my eyes, clearly surprised by my contact. I gave him a reassuring smile, and by intuition, I could tell he had calmed down significantly. Turning to his brothers, I was furious. I hadn’t known Lucian for that long, and I hadn’t chosen to be married to him, but now he was my husband and I couldn’t change that. I had only one option: to make this marriage work.
His brother looked at me, calculating. He must have guessed what I was thinking.
“Well, I hope he treats you well,” he said slowly, backing off.
“Well is an understatement of how he treats me,” I said stiffly and his brothers sent me a disappointed look.
Lucian intertwined his fingers with mine under the table, as though he approved of me defending him.
*********** *************** **************
For his entire life, no one has ever stood up for him like this beautiful woman had done today. This woman, his wife who barely knew him, had surprised him with her touch and melted his heart with her words and smile. She hadn’t believed the rumors about him, that even he sometimes believed about himself.
Once they arrived at their chamber Lucian noticed that Hazel had a frown on her face.
“Is everything alright?” He asked.
“Yes,” She said her gaze slowly turning to the window. “Can I go outside to the garden?”
Lucian noticed that she liked being outside, so he decided to take her not only outside the room but outside the castle. Her eyes twinkled when he told her about it.
In the courtyard stood the stables, and he led her inside to show her his own horse, a beautiful chestnut with a white star on his flank.
“Can you ride?” He asked her.
“No” she replied, embarrassed.
“Then you should ride with me.” He suggested.
Hazel nodded.
Lucian helped her up and she sat behind him on the horse. “Hold on.”
She seemed to hesitate, but then ever so slowly she put her arms around his waist and held him lightly, almost not touching. But as soon as they started riding, her grip tightened, pressing her soft and warm body against his back.
“Is it too fast?”
“No,” she replied but her tight hold around his waist said otherwise. Either way, he didn’t slow down; he liked the feeling of her arms around him.
He took her to his secret place, a beautiful lake located in the woods. Hazel looked happy walking on the grass with her bare feet, then dipping her foot in the water flicking the cool liquid with her toes. The water must’ve been cold but she didn’t seem to care. Lucian just stood there staring at her from afar. She was beautiful with her long reddish-brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Her dress clung to her body in all the right places, showing off her beautiful figure. He still couldn’t believe that he was married. When his father suggested the marriage he had said yes, hoping that it would bring them closer, but unfortunately, his father still treated him like a stranger. Suddenly, he heard a shrill yell of pain as he was lost in his thoughts. “Hazel!!” She wasn’t in the water anymore; she was sitting on the ground beside it holding her knee. He rushed to her side. “What happened?” “Nothing much, I just fell,” she said. Her dress was torn and her knee bleeding. “Come on, let’s take you home,” he said, helping her up. Lucian aided me in getting off the horse, but as soon as I shifted my weight onto my leg, my knee started to ache. Not wanting to draw attention, I didn’t say anything, but Lucian must have known, because he put his strong arms behind my knees and my back, and lifted me with ease. “What are you doing?” I asked embarrassed. “Carrying you,” He stated simply. “I know that, please put me down I can walk,” I said, my face and neck flushing red. “Wife, if I was to let you walk, we wouldn’t reach the room even after sunrise and I would like to get some sleep.” Did he just call me wife? I liked the sound of it. As we moved through the halls, the maids and servants looked down quickly as soon as they caught sight of us and I was thankful for that. He stopped for a while and told a maid to bring something to clean the wound before walking again. Upon arrival at our chambers, he put me down on the bed gently as a maid came in with things to clean the wound. He took the kit from her and dismissed her shortly. Taking a seat beside me on the bed, he lifted my dress up above my knee. “Uh…it’s fine I can clean it myself.” I stuttered nervously. “Just sit still,” He ordered. He put one hand on the back of my leg, his hand cold yet his touch hot. I wondered how such a strong and tall man could touch so gently. Strangely, his touch made me yearn for more and I found myself imagining how it would feel like if he ran his hand down my leg or if he… A burning pain interrupted my thoughts and I hissed. “It will burn a little,” he said then continued cleaning my wound. I bit my lower lip because the burning was too much and I didn’t want to complain. As if sensing my pain he paused and then blew on my wound. When his hot breath touching my skin made me shiver and curl my toes. Good Lord, he was doing things to my body without doing almost nothing. “Feel better?” He asked. “Yes,” I whispered, “thank you.” When he was done he pulled my dress back down over my leg. “You should change,” he said standing up “Do you want me to call a maid for you?” “No, I can manage,” I said. Walking with an aching knee I went into the dressing room and slipped into my nightgown and a robe and then walked back into the chamber. Only a few candles were lit now. Lucian was laying down on the bed looking up the ceiling. His shiny black hair was spread across the pillow and his golden eyes glowed in the dim light. When I walked up to the bed he turned his head. “You should take your robe off. It’s very hot in here at night.” His observation was completely innocent, but it made my heart beat faster, and suddenly it felt really hot in the room. I opened my robe and let it slide down my arms. His eyes followed my every movement. I then laid down on the bed, facing the other way. Even though he told me he could wait to consume the wedding, I still felt nervous. I felt him shift on the bed and stiffened. “Hazel,” he whispered his voice a soft brush on my back. “Yes?” I struggled to keep my voice neutral. “Turn around!” he said with a commanding voice. I found myself turning around to face him. “I promised to treat you well; you don’t have to be afraid.” “I am not,” I whispered. He didn’t say anything for a while. He probably knew I was lying. “Goodnight,” he finally said. “Goodnight,” I whispered back feeling more relaxed until I eventually fell asleep. I woke up and tried to shift in the bed, but then realized that a strong arm around my waist was restricting my movement. Lucian! My back was pressed against his hard chest and I could feel his hot breath on my neck and some strands of his soft hair on my shoulder. He smelled good. He had a spicy scent, and somehow I found myself melting in his embrace. I liked it, liked the warm and secure feeling it gave. Suddenly, he slid his arm away and sat upon the bed startling me. “What is it?” I asked, sitting as well. He seemed to be listening to something. I looked around and strained my ears, but couldn’t hear anything. Climbing down he put his robe on. “We have a problem,” he said walking to the door. I quickly put my robe on and went after him. Some maids and guards were gathered in the hall arguing about something. They fell silent as soon as they saw us. “Your Highness,” they said and bowed. “What is the problem?” Lucian asked. They had a look of fear in their eyes. One maid, in particular, was trembling with her hands behind her back. “What do you have there?” Lucian asked. She was shaking now. Lucian went up to her and took the hidden thing from behind her back. It was a golden hairpin, my hairpin. One of the guards quickly came to the front and fell to his knees in front of Lucian. “I am sorry, Your Highness, it will never happen again; you can punish me instead” he begged. “Please spare her, she is just a child.” She did look quite young. The white-faced maid fell to her knees too, shaking as much as before. “No, please, it was my fault! Don’t punish my brother. He didn’t know” she cried. I had no idea what Lucian would do to them. For that, I both pitied and feared for them. They might get executed, or if they had luck they would get their hands cut off. I didn’t know which one sounded worse. Stealing was of course not okay, but I didn’t think anyone should die for it. I hoped Lucian would have mercy on them. “Since you stole from my wife, I should let her decide the punishment for you,” he said, walking behind me and placing his hands on my shoulders. I froze for a moment unsure of what to do. “How do you want me to punish them for you?” he asked. I looked at the young maid sitting on her knees crying and shaking violently. I went up to her. “Why did you do it?” I asked in a gentle voice. “I am sorry, Your Highness. I didn’t want to, but my mother is sick and her treatment costs a lot,” she said, crying hysterically. “Get up!” I ordered them both. They got up to their feet. “What’s your name?” I asked her. “Lisa, Your Highness,” she said meekly. “Lisa, you can have the hairpin but you need to promise me that you will never steal again. There are more honest ways to find money, besides putting your life at risk wouldn’t help your mother in any way.” Everyone looked at me wide-eyed. They clearly didn’t expect to be left alive. Lisa was in shock, she just stared at me. “Do you promise me?” I repeated. “I…I promise you…I promise Your Highness” she said. “Thank you so much…thank you” she began to cry again, but this time tears of relief. “Thank you, Your Highness” her brother repeated. His eyes were also glistening with unshed tears of gratitude. “Now everyone can go back to work,” I said relieved that the situation ended well. They walked away. Lisa was hugging her brother crying and he was scolding her. ” Never do that again!” I found myself smiling. I wish I had a brother like that. My brothers were spoiled brats. Turning around to go back I found Lucian standing there, his arms crossed behind his back. He looked at me with what seemed like admiration but I wasn’t sure. Crossing the distance between us he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into his embrace. “Let’s get back to bed.”
His voice, his scent, the warmth of his body, all filled my senses and made me unable to think clearly. Before I knew he was carrying me to our chamber, and then laid me down on the bed. Bed? Wait, no!
He lay down next to me and when I tried to get up, he put an arm around my shoulders and held me down.
“Lay still and let me hold you,” he said, taking his arm away from my shoulders and putting them around my waist instead.
“Because I like holding you and you like it when I do that” he replied.
“And how would you know?” I said, a teasing lilt to my voice.
“What? You don’t like it?” I was afraid that if I said I liked it he would want to take it to the next level, but I didn’t want to lie either.
“It’s… alright,” I said cautiously, a shy smile making its way to my face. He grabbed my chin and made me turn around to face him.
“Is my touch just alright?”
He let go of my chin and traced with his fingers down my neck and up my shoulder, removing my robe from one side. My pulse quickened and my skin tingled where he had touched. He leaned closer.
“I don’t think so,” he whispered.
“You… you promised not to do anything,” I said.
“No, I didn’t. I promised to treat you well.” Oh god! That was true. He never promised to not consume the wedding and who knows what treating well means to him. I pulled myself away from his grasp and climbed down from the bed.
Clearing my throat “I am hungry,” I said, “Aren’t you?”
He smiled a devilish smile “Oh, I am very hungry” he said scanning me with eyes that showed hunger for something other than food. My heart skipped a beat, but I ignored it.
“Then we should go and eat,” I said, turning around and walking away before he could say anything.
Lucian tried to ignore the burning need in his body and tried to focus on eating his breakfast. He glanced at his wife the same time she glanced at him. Their eyes met and she looked down quickly, her cheeks turning a light pink. He wanted to reach for her from across the table but stood up from his seat instead.
“I have some work to do,” he said and strode out of the room before he lost control.
What was wrong with him? Why was his body burning and his heart beating in his ears? He had never felt like this before.
He came a bit late to the meeting with his father and brothers. His father didn’t bother to look at him, and his brothers shot him angry glances. He took a seat and listened to how his father planned to take over other kingdoms. His greed had no end.
“That’s all for today. I expect all of you to fulfill your duties,” the king said, looking at each of his sons except Lucian, he then walked out of the room.
His brothers turned to him most of them looking angry and irritated while Pierre had a smirk on his face. He was the cruelest.
“Your wife seems very fond of you,” Pierre said. Lucian knew his brother was trying to pick a fight with him, as usual, so he ignored him, walking away. Pierre grabbed him by the shoulder to stop him from going.
“I am talking to you, Lucian! Don’t you dare ignore me. I am the crown prince, and in the future, I will be your king so you should be careful to get on my bad side.”
Lucian chuckled darkly. “As if I am already not on your bad side,” he said “and you know what? Even when you become a king, you will never become my king.”
His brother laughed “I will become your king and when I do,” he leaned closer, “I will get rid of you and make your beautiful wife my concubine.”
That was what finally tipped Lucian over the edge. He punched and kicked Pierre before his other brothers got involved and tried to hold him, but to no avail. He was too angry and nothing could stop him now. He sat atop his brother and started punching him, the rest of his brothers unable to hold him away. He was too strong for them. He took some time to knock down some of them before he continued with his punching. Guards came into the room and grabbed his arms.
“Hold him down for me,” one of his brothers said. Even though they were many they had a hard time holding him down.
“What are you doing?” Someone yelled from the door. Everyone froze.
“Your Highness, we were just…”
“Enough!” It was the king “You are not children anymore, and you dare to fight? Prepare for your punishment.”
“Your Highness.” A maid came running to the garden. “His Highness is in trouble.”
“What trouble?” I asked, worried.
“He is getting whipped.”
“What?” I shrieked in panic. What on earth could he have done?
We ran through the hall to the main garden. Several men were handcuffed on their knees, leather whips repeatedly being brought down across their backs. I looked for Lucian, and my heart dropped at the sight of him. He was handcuffed too, although he still stood, unlike the other men. His shirt was torn to rags with blood steadily soaking through it. One whip landed on his back, and I almost screamed but he didn’t make a sound. He didn’t even grimace. He was staring at something. I looked to see his brothers standing on the other side and watching.
“He is a prince. Why is he getting whipped?”
“His highness didn’t accept someone to get his punishment,” the maid explained. “He had a fight with his brothers.”
I looked back at Lucian. While the other men were almost falling to their knees he was still standing steadily. It was as if the whipping didn’t affect him at all, but I knew it did. He just didn’t want to give his brothers the satisfaction of seeing him get hurt. Another whip landed on his back and I felt a hand grasp my wrist.
“Your Highness, you shouldn’t get involved. It was the king’s order.” I didn’t realize that I was trying to get to him.
Please God, make this stop.
God must have heard my prayers because they started to uncuff his hands. As soon as they uncuffed him, he fell on his knees. I ran toward him, but some guards got to him before me and helped him up.
Once we reached the chamber he pushed the guards away.
“But Your Highness you need…”
“I. said. leave!” he shouted savagely, and the guards hurried away. He sat down on the bed.
“You should leave too,” he said lowering his voice.
“Then who will clean your wounds? Now take off what remains of your shirt and lay on your stomach,” I ordered, grabbing a bowl of water and a piece of the cloth that the maid had brought, but he didn’t move.
“Do you need help?” I said grabbing his shirt to help him get out of it. He grabbed my wrist to stop me.
“I told you to go,” he said with clenched teeth.
“I don’t want to. How can I leave when you’re hurting?”
“I’m not, so leave.”
“No, I won’t” I insisted stubbornly, then everything happened in a second. He grabbed me by the neck and pinned me to the wall, his face only an inch from mine. His eyes not golden anymore, the flames in them burning with intensity.
“Don’t make me break my promise,” he growled.



Happy Birthday to John Okafor
A.K.A Mr Ibu
Wish him well.



Breaking: Gunmen abduct 12 police officers in Nigeria
ON NOVEMBER 17, 2020

Yet to be identified gunmen have kidnapped twelve assistant-superintendents of police (ASPs). They were said to be abducted on their way to Zamfara from Borno State.

BBC Hausa, disclosed this, reporting that one of the abductees called his wife and asked her to raise N1m, noting that there would be trouble if she fails.

“He called me on Wednesday and told me that he was in the hands of the kidnappers.

“I can’t tell you I have any other information. We are in a state of frustration,” she was quoted as saying.



Breaking News!

42 Pastors And Their Families Converts To Islam At National Mosque In Abuja.

42 pastors and their families converts to Islam at National Mosque in Abuja, Nigeria.

Actually, Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria located in the centre of the country within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). It is a planned city and was built mainly in the 1980s, replacing the country’s most populous city of Lagos as the capital on 12 December 1991.

Just recently, a report came that 42 pastors and their families accepted Islam in Abuja.

According to some online reports, the 42 pastors including 2 bishops actually converted to Islam because they have interest in the Religion.

The program of their conversation actually took place at the conference hall of National Mosque in Abuja.

A 7 day seminar is being held to educate them on the basics of Islam at the National Mosque in which all of them were accommodated.

This is actually a surprise to many people as 42 Pastors converted from Christianity to Islam.



Maturity Of Six Year Old Boy

A 6 yr old boy was in the market with his 4 yr old sister. Suddenly the boy found that his sister was lagging behind.

He stopped and looked back. His sister was standing in front of a toy shop and was watching something with great interest.

The boy went back to her and asked, “Do you want something?” The sister pointed at the doll. The boy held her hand and like a responsible elder brother, gave that doll to her. The sister was very very happy…

The shopkeeper was watching everything and getting amused to see the matured behaviour of the boy…

Now the boy came to the counter and asked the shopkeeper, “What is the cost of this doll, Sir? !”

The shopkeeper was a cool man and had experienced the odds of life. So he asked the boy with a lot of love & affection, “Well, What can you pay?”

The boy took out all the shells that he had collected from sea shore, from his pocket and gave them to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper took the shells and started counting as if he were counting the currency. Then he looked at the boy. The boy asked him worriedly, “Is it less?”

The shopkeeper said, “No, No… These are more than the cost. So I will return the remaining.” Saying so, he kept only 4 shells with him and returned the remaining.

The boy, very happily kept those shells back in his pocket and went away with his sister.

A servant in that shop got very surprised watching all these. He asked his master, “Sir ! You gave away such a costly doll just for 4 shells ???”

The shopkeeper said with a smile, “Well, for us these are mere shells.

But for that boy, these shells are very precious. And at this age he does not understand what money is, but when he will grow up, he definitely will. And when he would remember that he purchased a doll with the Shells instead of Money, he will remember me and think that world is full of Good people.

It will help him develop a positive attitude and he too in turn will feel motivated to be Good.”

Moral – Whatever emotion you infuse into the world, it will further spread. If you do good, goodness will spread. If you do bad, negativity will spread.

Realize you are a very powerful source of energy.

Your good or bad will come back to you magnified. Not in the ways you want it, and probably not in the ways you can understand it. But it will come back.

Loved it….hence posted.



When you see two young teenagers falling in love, it is your duty as an adult to talk to them. Most of the time they don’t have sense of their own; you have to lend them yours.

Immediately after my WAEC, I went for computer training in one of these road side computer schools.

There’s this girl, Charity, an O’ Level graduate, who was also taking the training.

After each training we’d stay behind and learn on our own.

As Charity and I became familiarized with each other, we fell in love ❤️

The guy who was tutoring us, Uncle Sam, was in his final year in the university as at that time.

One fateful day, Uncle Sam called me and said something that I’d never forget.

This was what he said, word for word:

“David! Being in a serious relationship with an opposite sex at this age is not a good idea. You have a great future, one mistake and you’d spend the rest of your life paying for it.”

The computer training center had two branches. Uncle Sam went to the extent of writing a transfer letter for me to move to the other center. He said I wouldn’t concentrate if I was seeing Charity everyday.

I bless the day I met Uncle Sam. People like him are not up to ten on this planet.

The following day I called Charity and told her I needed some space.

She tried to reach me for a while but all thanks to Uncle Samuel, I was able to put her away 🙌

Whenever we meet we’d just give each other a ‘Hi, how far’ greeting.

Today I stumbled on her pre-wedding photos.

By December she’s getting married to Uncle Sam 😳
Have a lovely weekend..



Husband Destroys His Wife’s Supermarket.

One Mr Sunday Nkem destroyed goods worth of millions in a mini store owned by his wife.

According to report, Mr Sunday established the Business on the wife’s name with the intention of the business serving as a financial support for the family.

But reverse is the case, he complains that ever since he established the business the wife has never supported the house with profit from the business, even when the kids needs money for book or pencil she direct them to him, even if he his away the children will go to school without books until he comes back.

Things got furious when he heard the wife single handedly fund the over sea trip of her younger brother.

Out of anger he (Mr Nkem) got to the shop and started pulling down every standing product on the shelves. 🙆🙆🙆😱

Question: Is His Actions RIGHT or WRONG ?


Words of wisdom

Good day everyone. Have you heard or read of a man who established a zoo and made the entrance fee N50,000= but no one went there. He reduced it to N40,000= but still no one came. He then reduced the fee to N20,000= still people didn’t come. Finally, he made it FREE entrance and soon, the zoo was filled with people. Then, he quietly locked the gate of the zoo, set the lions free and made the exit fee N150,000= and everyone paid.


A. As you go about in life, beware of free offers.

i. Most of the time, they are big traps.

ii. Behind every free gift, there is high possibility of an ulterior motive.

iii. You may lose your life trying to get a free ride.

iv. You may lose all your money trying to get free airtime or free data.

B. Note that most promotions on the Internet, Facebook and WhatsApp platforms are big scams.

Today we live in a human society where there’s no free lunch. The ‘tat’ you would give for the ‘tit’ you received could be too costly for you.

i. Avoid it. Why? Because every thing with value is valuable, it can never be actually or totally free!

Be wise!!!



*Gini Wijnaldum provides spiky response over new Liverpool contract*

Wijnaldum’s contract with Liverpool expires at the end of this season, and the 30-year-old is yet to commit to a new deal.

Georginio Wijnaldum refused to give anything away when asked if he was going to sign a new contract with Liverpool.

Wijnaldum’s deal with the Reds expires at the end of this season, and the 30-year-old is yet to commit to a new deal.

As a result, he is free to open negotiations with foreign clubs from January, meaning Liverpool currently face the possibility of losing the midfielder on a free transfer next summer.

Wijnaldum was wanted by his former Netherlands national team boss Ronald Koeman at Barcelona during the summer after his compatriot took over at the Camp Nou.

And when asked if he had an update on his Liverpool future, the former Newcastle United man told the interviewer to ask the Anfield club instead of him for an update.

“I can’t say anything about that,” the midfielder told Dutch publication Het Parool. “Just ask Liverpool those questions. Don’t they answer?

“I cannot say anything about it, including whether or not there is talk of a new contract between me and Liverpool. Sorry.”

Liverpool Echo



*You’ve to read this.*

The man behind the pulpit is a sex addict and He is struggling but no one knows..There are things clothes covered

She blast in tongues like a multipurpose machine gun.. Brutal in prayer meetings.. BUT dying deep down because she’s struggling with masturbation.

I was once a victim many years ago.. Sitting with some of my friends one day and they said “.. Bro, please tell us your story and hide nothing” I tried to answer them; I looked at them and as I replied, I struggled not to get emotional and I said “.. My tongues were deep and brutal in prayer, everyone hailed my fine voice but no one knew I was struggling with a secret sin until God delivered me….”

He always used the word “Bless you brother” on me, he was my leader in our Christian gathering. but I didn’t know HE WAS A GAY..

The beautiful angel on the microphone watch pornography every night to satisfy her lust she wishes to stop, sadly she can’t break free BUT SHE LAYS HANDS ON PEOPLE’S HEAD EVERY SUNDAY… And she’s called “MAMA”

She hates it, He hates it but they just can’t stop and no one knows that they have sore underneath their garments, they look good on Sunday.. They lift up holy hands.. They are pure on Sundays but impure on Mondays… But no one knows because….. church clothes

She or he have a nice voice but she struggles with immorality……
…. Everyone knows them as choir masters or choir mistress but they are abortionist

He perform miracles everyday, but have a lady who have a child for him out of wedlock. World wide Prophet, Apostle, bishop, evangelist, gospel artists, let’s humble ourselves and deal with our secret sins

AREN’T YOU TIRED OF THE CHURCH CLOTHES/CHURCH DRAMA? So many DRAMA in the church today… So many religious drama on Facebook, WhatsApp …
Everyone is preaching…
Why not admit you need help?..

Preaching publicly against the same thing we struggle with in the secret, public success but private

So many people DYING INSIDE/STRUGGLING inside…
So many people in Church…
Youth leaders… Youths…Pastors, Bishops, Evangelist, Reverend, Apostles, dying of masturbation.. Sex addiction.. Pornography… BUTTTTTTTTT THEY CAN’T OPEN UP…

Church clothes give them a covering…



Oh Lord, am tired of CHURCH CLOTHES, I want to make heaven, this is my earnest crying for myself and my generation……

Oh Lord, invade my privacy
Why not cry out today.


• PURIFY YOUR MIND DAILY WITH GOD’S WORD – Psalm 119:9 (NIV) says, “How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word.”

• WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS AND GUARD YOUR HEART – Proverb 4:23 “Carefully guard your thoughts because they are the source of true life.”

• WATCH THE THINGS YOU WATCH. YOUR EYES CAN SET YOUR BODY ON FIRE. Job 31:1 says, “I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a young woman.” Matthew 6:22 “The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light.

May God deliver us from every secret SIN AMEN…